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禅宗开悟故事 Zen Enlightening Tales - 到了龙潭 Reached Dragon Pond

德山禅师本是北方讲经说法的大师,因不满南方禅门教外别传的说法,携带自着的 ‘金刚经青龙疏钞’ 南来抗辩,才到南方就受到一位老婆婆的奚落,自此收敛起狂傲的心。
ZM De-shan is a dharma speaker from the north, being displeased about the difference that dharma is propagated in the south, he brought along his copy of Diamond sutra translated by Qing-ling and went south to debate. 
Just when he arrived, he was look down upon by an old lady and hence retracted his great prideful and egoistic heart.

He also asked the old lady whether there are school masters nearby that he can go seek teaching.

Old lady told him there is a very intelligent ZM Long-tan (Dragon-pond) about 5 miles away.

Upon arriving at Dragon pond, on sight of ZM Long-tan he didn't hesitate but asked immediately: What is this place?
ZM Long-tan answered: Long Tan (Dragon Pond).

ZM De-shan followed immediately with: Since named as Dragon Pond, I walked around and didn't see any dragon, nor any pond, why is this so?
ZM Long-tan told him straight out: You have suffered much, you already reached Dragon Pond!  
This evening, De-shan seek benefit from ZM Long-tan, standing in front of ZM Long-tan's seat unmoving or leaving, ZM Long-tan said: 
The night is deep, why you still don't go away!   
De-shan bid good night, and farewell, walked to the door and return, said:
It is real dark outside, student just arrived, do not know my way.   
ZM Long-tan lit a candle and gave to him, just when De-shan reach out to take over, ZM Long-tan blew out the candle, De-shan suddenly came to great realisation, immediately kneel down, paying respect to ZM Long-tan, ZM Long-tan asked: What did you see? 
ZM De-shan answered: From now on, I will not doubt the tongues of all zen masters.   
‘穷诸玄辩,若一毫致于太虚,竭世枢机 (directive - mechanics of matters),似一滴投于巨壑。’
The next day, ZM De-shan then took out the translated Diamond sutra and burnt them, when the fire sparks rose, he said:
Exhausting all avenues of profound debate, if one bit put into great illusionary void, world renown directive, like a droplet thrown into a giant gully.
Scriptures, even the thorough lectures, still have different meaning; no speech in Zen schools, eventually is affirmed realisation of no dualism.

In the dark of the night, lighting and then blowing out a candle, means after external light is put out, the zen light within the heart will then light up, this is Zen Light, see the true Self, all languages & speeches are dualistic like a droplet in a great ocean.


How do you get yourself ready for the "Lighting-up" of your Zen Light?


GM Lu said you need to clean & purify your Karma of all times!

Now, realised why "Pure Karma" is a pathway for you to walk in and then walk out after purification?

A heart covered by layers upon layers of sentient grime, how to break this up and let you "pure light" make its debut?


Back to basics! 
Build foundation!

I have said that we are all "light bodies" or bodies put together by great elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind; and each body is filled with Light energy!

Have I ever lie to you?

Yes! All you need to "Light-up" can be found in this blog!
Find them and use them! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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