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Lotuschef on Having Life’s Essence Stolen?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Lotuschef Membahas "Intisari Kehidupan Dicuri?"

Image © T. L. Rampa

Quoting from Stealing Life's Essence 盗精气:

[--- The spirit said: Living Buddha, please excuse me as I am a water-flow ghost and need his Yang Energy/Essence, then can survive.

GM: you steal his Essence every night?

Spirit: Yes.

GM: I really do not want to make things difficult for you but the Host invited me and I really need to complete my mission. I am in a difficout position here, what can I do?

Spirit: I know that Living Budhha has 3 great Dharma order, and I can't win against you. Please let me live, I hereby beg you.

GM,Spirit light beams, said: My temple in Seattle has a tree, you can go into it and at least the host's son you can let him off.

Spirit smile: Order received!
She left in a stream of smoke.

The host's son recovered after that and return to normal state of cheerfulness and health.
The minus part is that the tree in Seattle's temple slowly decayed and died.
Real powerful!! ---]


Quoting from Guru on "stealing of life's essence":

    [--- The protection of sleeping in light is a very good one.
    Building Vajra Flooring; walls and top ceiling; and light up with Vajra Fire, will adequately protect you when in sleep from having your life's essence stolen by spirits. Also, you enjoy good quality sleep and refresh after the rest.
    Of course, you will be healthy as well.---]

[--- Dear all, if you are one of those that sleep for long periods and wake up still tired, you should go into the Sun more often to help you clear some "Ying" energy.

If you have the tiredness even after long hours of sleep, and things are also going hay-wire in your daily life, seek help.

You have too much "Yang" energy drawn or stolen from you when you are asleep and for a prolong period too. ---]


This year, I have met many with the same problem of being "ying" and have greyish aura.

A recent one, the air-con unit broke down in the bedroom and the owner of the house refused to have it repaired.
The occupant was told to open the windows and etc......

Occupant is a fellow student, AA.
Upon sight of AA, a greyish opaque aura.
I advised AA to cultivate.
About 2 days later, GM Lu showed me a vision of a female ghost hovering around AA, in a dark gloomy room!

I advised AA: To do "Armour Protection" and chanting Guru's mantra.
Also to buy air freshener and have them blessed at our cultivation session like Homa events.
Then place these in the bedroom.
Also the room needs to be aired!
A portable electric fan and opening all windows of the room fully to air out the room thoroughly.

AA told me that she dreamt of a female ghost approaching her and she quickly formed Ucchusma mudra and the ghost disappeared.

I advised her to concentrate on Root Guru and his mantra, for more efficiency and effectiveness. :)

Dear all, for all of you that have yet to yoga with Guru, don't attempt to draw on any other divinity for help.

Although the ghost disappeared from AA in her dream, her aura said she is not effective!

It is very very important to focus on ONE!

If AA can effectively chase the ghost away, then there would be no need of GM Lu showing me the vision of the female ghost "Breathing" from AA or drawing her life's essence from her, agree?

You can also do dedication regularly to all Homeless Spirits, Earth and City Deities, so that ghost will not "Haunt" you or steal your life's essence and the Deities can protect you.

Better to establish friendship links than create enemies by chasing ghosts away!

Always practice Boddhicitta!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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