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Confidence in Root Guru? [3]

    [in the book that i have read before, the writer is an indonesian universally spiritualist, , one day his client come and ask for a problem in their family, she(the client is a woman) said "i have chant da bei zou every day for 10years, is really bodhisattva never heard my pray.?"

    the spiritualist feels this case is very confuse, so he ask guan yin pu sa for help..
    apparently he realized the main problem is "altar" in this family is a dark or something bad, who come and sit and recieve water, dupa, etc is not guan yin, but a demon or bad their sadhana for 10years ago is useless.. because the demon or bad spirits have to block the mantra power, so the mantra never arrive to boddhisatva... is that true.?

    altar occupied by bad spirits may hinder or blocked the power of da bei zou were so strong.?
    I became confused and hesitant, i need your explanations and instructions master...
    Amithofo..thank a lot master
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Dear all, with the progress in GM Lu's sharing of Maha Perfection Dharma, can you answer the above with confidence and the Truth?

This student is asking for personal reasons and still too deep in sleep to wake up and seek his own answers.


Why asked me?

Now the one who asked is confused and also he didn't reveal who is the spiritualist.
If the spiritualist has his experiences published in a book, then is there any truth that he is confused with his client's problem?

Now, assuming the spiritualist really can get in touch with guan-yin, what do you figure guan-yin, a boddhisattva will say or advice? :)

Do you know the characteristic of a boddhisattva in the first place?

Now: The sentient mindset - 
chanted mantra for 10 years go to waste?
demons or bad spirits have to block the mantra power?
    so the mantra never arrive to boddhisatva?

What did GM Lu said about chanting mantra?
Remember : Mudra, Visualisation, Mantra?
Add: Sincerity and Diligence!

AH! If you apply what GM Lu taught, can the demons or bad spirits really block mantra power?

What is "mantra power" by the way?

Read my articles: Power of Mantra?

Now the Basics!

Why do One chant mantra in the first place?
Dai Bei Zhou or the Great Compassion Mantra, for what purpose?
What have I shared so far in terms of Boddhicitta?

Confidence in Root Guru comes from absolute faith and trust in his teachings and sharings!
Absolute and no doubt!

Can you pinpoint and quote what GM Lu has shared to apply to different situation?

Now, see where you have not put in due diligence?

My advice: Please go back to basics and build the necessary foundation or your own Dharma treasure trove, then you can draw upon all these to Execute at will and at ease [任运自如].

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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