Monday, October 12, 2015

禅宗开悟故事 Zen Enlightening Tales - 等闲击碎虚空骨

在日本 Japan禅门里,有一位大名鼎鼎的梦窗国师 -State Master Meng-chuang。
梦窗国师少年时,曾经有一次千里迢迢到京都Kyoto 一山禅师ZM Yi-shan处参学。

Meng-chuang went to the abbot's room to ask ZM Yi-shan: Student still do not know great matter, ZM please give direct pointing out.

ZM Yi-shan heard these, even though not telling him, but used very strict tone:

"My school don't have language or word, also don't have any dharma to give people."

After pleading repeatedly, still in vain, Meng-chuang bid farewell tearfully, and went to Kamakura's Wan-shou temple to pay respectful visit to ZM Fo-guo.

At ZM Fo-guo's place, he got unfeelingly beaten by the staff or rod.

This was a great set back to Meng-chuang's sincereness to seek Dharma path.

Meng-chuang vowed broken-heartedly to ZM Fo-guo:

If student don't reach full realisation stage, will never return to see master.

After his farewell with ZM Fo-guo, that night he arrived at a mountain forest, with the silence of great nature as answer.

One day, when under a tree, his heart without any entanglements, unaware that the night has deepened, so he think to go to sleep in a straw shelter, while getting ready for bed, he mistakenly thought he has reached the wall of the straw shelter, and leaned over, resulting in a fall.

At the moment of this fall, he unconsciously laugh out loud, and suddenly reach great realisation.

At the time when his heart is opened and free, he wrote this verse:

Digging earth for many years seeking clear sky, adding many layers of hindrances.

One night secretly turn over "busy bricks", leisurely broke up all bones of illusionary void.





The above is a common problem for all!

Seeking and seeking, for something Tangible that you can hold on to! :)

Remember though: Buddha Dharma are ways or methods only!

Think you have acquired lots of Buddha Dharma to show off?

You don't have any!

Forcing the issue of enlightenment?

As per GM Lu, you won't even know how to use the pointers given directly to you! 

The Keys are immeasurable but you need diligence to discover them for self and USE them! 

Of course, your affinity is a prime factor and correspond to your Karmic levels!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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