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佛窟禅师一坐四十年 Zen master Fo-ku One Seating 40 years


Zen master Fo-ku Wei-ze, of Song dynaste, resident of Chang-an, ordained in youth, cultivate at Zhe-jiang Tian-tai Shan Chui-ping yan's Fo-ku temple.

He used fallen leaves as roof and built a grass temple, using clear water to moisten his throat, and gathers wild fruits to appease hunger daily.
One day, a wood-cutter passed by and seeing an elderly monk, asked curiously: How long have you been staying here?
ZM Fo-ku answered: About 40 years.

Wood-cutter again asked curiously: You cultivate alone?    
ZM Fo-ku nodded and said: Forest and deep mountains, one person is also too much here, wanting more people for what?    
Wood-cutter asked again: You do not have friends?    
ZM Fo-ku clapped his hand and lots of tigers and leopards came out from the back of the temple, wood-cutter was shocked, ZM Fo-ku quickly told him not to be afraid, signalling to the tigers and leopards to back away into the back of the temple, ZM said: Lots of friends, great earth rivers, trees flowers grass, worms snakes wild animals, all are dharma companions.
Wood-cutter was deeply moved, and voluntarily took refuge as his student.

Fo-ku gave wood-cutter dharma-pointers, said: Although you are mortal now, but not mortal; though not mortal, but won't spoil mortal's methods.    
Wood-cutter attain realisation from these, hence many came forward forming Zen school of Fo-ku studies.    
Time is immaterial to affirmation or enlightenment for one who is saint, having entered into everlasting life, ZM Wei-ze having merged with Great Transformation, 40 years is but a moment only.

In a Zen practitioner's heart, a moment or 40 years, has no difference.
In Zen practitioner's realisation, he realised no difference in time, no difference in others and self, no difference in movement or stationary, no concept of difference between sentient beings and buddha.
Although mortal, but without mortal's flow, because all have buddha nature, within the Truth there is no false title of mortal or buddha, where have any difference between mortal and non-mortal?

Though non mortal, but won't spoil mortal's methods, a zen practitioner's realisation, not destructing and separately erecting, not destructing all methods, but already surpassed all methods.



Cultivation truly and solely dependent upon Self!

Do you need any other?

In the 4 immeasurable visualisation taught by GM Lu, at the beginning of each cultivation session, are you aware that you have already included the whole universe when you sincerely and comprehensively practice just this one step well!

Not only the animals and trees and rivers, BUT the whole universe!

The 4 Immeasurable visualisation and vows are teaching you how to practice Boddhicitta, which is for All and immeasurable, infinite, truly no boundaries.

You can actually get an idea of the infinite concept from Avatamsaka or Flower Adornment Sutra too! :)

Have you at least spent some time reading part of this wondrous sutra & merging into its scenario to have fun?

Your greatest loss if you didn't even walk-in at all!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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