Friday, October 30, 2015

直指 Direct Pointing Out

Start with having closer look at GM Lu in all situations!

Now! Look at the ones above of Lotuschef.
The youthful essence is present throughout!

Now, you have the Key to start comparison? :)
Look at the photos below carefully again.
When you get "My point", you can be more ambitious and watch the recorded videos of previous cultivation sessions as well.
BUT start from the older ones and to the present and check whether there are improvement in any of the students (include all grades of dharma propagators too).
You should choose a few students to do your researches.

Always use GM Lu as the constant for your comparison.

Pointing Out is a method of teaching with Guidelines!
Many alleged that Lotuschef "Talk Bad" about others, especially those they perceived as Authorities or in position of power!

Sorry to disillusion you!

In Buddha's language, there is no talking bad!

Pointing out is an attempt to offer help to those that are lost!

From the above screen capture of VMs, most of them are not truly into cultivation at all!
AND, most have very "disturbed" auras too!

GM Lu also pointed out that shi-mu's health is poor and she has been possessed by animal spirits as well.
So aura are something that don't lie!

Putting up an outwards show during cultivation?
Cultivation is something that you either "Have" or "Don't Have"!
Remember that I said when you truly cultivate, there is a shine in you and can easily be "pick up" by the discerning eye?

These Pointing Out serve to "Shake you awake" and if you perceived them as criticism, then you truly do not understand Buddha language or Buddha Dharma! 

If you are truly sincere in cultivation, you can go look for all the Pointers that I have shared too!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef


The following are for your references:

  • GM Lu on Basics Again! 师尊又讲基础!

  • The above: Seems sitting "Right" is very difficult for the supposed to be masters!

    Why am I bringing all these to your attention?
    In this session, GM Lu stressed from the start to finish again!

    When you pretend to Cultivate and sit through each session, you truly cheat yourself only!
Study the photos above carefully, please.
Then watch the video for all cultivation sessions too!

What am I trying to share with you in observation & what not to follow blindly?

You can use the Criteria of Cultivation that GM Lu taught and sieve out the "what not to do or mimic" and break free from Sentient Mud.

Only waste your limited Time in this lifetime with a Human Shell!

  • 装模作样 Pretence? [1]
  • Why did I advised you all to study and observe?

    AND, I also inserted pictures of GM Lu in cultivation as a guide for you to compare!

    My point is, do not follow those that are not sincerely cultivating when we GM Lu gracing the sessions.

    The Conducive Environment that is one of the 4 factors for successful cultivation is wherever GM Lu, the Living Buddha Lian Sheng, is present!

    When you watch the Live Cast or recorded videos of the cultivation sessions, how many students, which include all grades of students like VMs and etc., are genuinely cultivating along with GM Lu?

    How many present adhered to GM Lu's teachings and guides in cultivation?

    The most important is an Erect Posture to enable Efficient Qi Energy Flow!

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