Thursday, October 29, 2015

如何逃离金刚地狱?How to Escape Vajra Hell?

Extracted from 來自佛國的語言 Language from Buddha Country:

[--- 我把「無上的口訣」,盡洩於本書。
I give you [Unparalleled secret key] , all with this book.

Respect Guru!

Treasure Dharma!

Diligently cultivate!

Start from entrance, up till surpasses mortal into Sainthood, go into Buddhahood! ---]


Extracted from 一切為「一」All as [One]:

    [--- 大懺悔法── The Great Repentance method:
    Eliminate sins of self, 100 syllables mantra's dharma definition is Void nature, that is Buddha Nature. ---]


Dear all, 
Now lets test your memory ability first!

Do you remember GM Lu said that "He don't need face"?
Means he is not bothered about upkeeping a facade to feed Pride or Ego! :)

Now, lets scroll back to the "Leave TBS" article saga.
I actually taught those that were sinfully involved to make Public Apologies to Root Guru, GM Lu and all that were harmed.
However, I also stated that I do not need any apology, WHY? :)

In creating Sin, One has wronged Self the most!
Nothing to do with Me! 

But, Samaya vows that were breached, the sinner needs to repent by first admitting to the wrong doing in public and to his own Root Guru.

Escape or breaking free from Vajra Hell?
One needs to throw away "Face"!
Also as per methods taught by Root Guru, knowing the wrong doing, then say sorry and repent and vowing not to repeat the same!

It has been years that I gave this advice to Core's chairperson and all its lackeys, but instead of repentance, more missiles were hurled in rapid succession, attempting to Eliminate or Destroy their perceived opponents!

The success of the legal war against those that defamed GM Lu, locked even more tightly these beings' positions in Vajra Hell!

Instead of using Buddha Dharma to help and save beings from Suffering, more Suffering were created!


Definitely Not!

The Book 249, is a lifeline to all those bound for Vajra Hell.
GO decipher its messages, and follow GM Lu's guidelines closely to escape now!

Who am I? 
Am I talking to you in a "Language from Buddha Country"?

The many lifelines that I have thrown your way, perhaps its time to dig them out and use them now!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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