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禅宗开悟故事 Zen Enlightening Tales – 沩山灵佑拨火悟道


This story is about how ZM Ling-you of Wei Shan become enlightened through "Stirring Fire"!

在禅宗五家七宗中,沩Wei 仰Yang宗是开宗最早的一派。

Wei Shan's Ling-you seek enlightenment by studying under ZM Bai-zhang.

One winter night, mountain winds were strong, when ZM Bai-zhang woke up, he was shivering from cold.

Stretching out his hand to feel the fire stove in front of his bed, there is still a shred of warmth, thus he called out to Ling-you who was standing attendance by a side, saying:
You stir the stove and check whether still have fire?

Ling-you picked up the fire rod and roughly stirred twice, saying: Master, there is no fire in the stove already.

ZM Bai-zhang stood up, took the fire rod and stirred deeply, stirred up some sparks of fire, to show Ling-you and said: You said no fire, what is this?

Ling-you instantly became awaken like having a pointing out abhiseka, got enlightened, quickly bow to thank the master.

Bai-zhang again said: Ling-you, in the past you didn't become enlightened is only temporary.
The Sutra said that to attempt to know the meaning of Buddha Nature, need to observe the relation and criteria of time frames.
When Time frame has arrived, as if lost and suddenly realised, like forget and suddenly remember, then can realise Original body's heart nature is not from seeking outside the body. Today, you have some recognition, should treasure this yourself.

The next day, Ling-you followed ZM Bai-zhang to work up the mountain.

Bai-zhang asked: Ling-you, bring fire?

Ling-you just pick up a stick of wood and blew twice at it, and handed it over to the master.

ZM Bai-zhang praised him, saying: Like worm drive into wood, occasionally can become essay. 
[Means: Like worms eating into wood, will go deeper and deeper.]


“火” 喻比本体心性,原本自身已具备,迷时不见悟时逢。
"Fire" here represent Self nature, an original potential, can't see when lost but meet when enlightened.

沩山由此发悟,百丈因此说对于本体心性的了悟,就好比小虫蚀木一样,虽则偶然,但点滴积累 (Accumulation of drops),总会了悟的。


What is this one about?


Diligence in studying and practicing when accumulated through times, will aid One in revealing or realising one's own Buddha Nature!

So, each individual should plough in diligence and not rely on others!

GM Lu showed all how he spent his time throughout these 40+ years, haven't you make up your mind to learn and follow suit?

What about reading at least one of his article a day, or translate one of them a day?

To be able to translate pretty accurately, one must have understanding of contents, agree?

:) You will soon learn to fully understand what GM Lu attempts to teach you!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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