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禅宗开悟故事 Zen Enlightening Tales - 清净本然 Naturally Pure & Clean




但到了宋代,华严宗 Hua-yan School 便日渐衰微下来。
During Song Dynasty, Hua-yan school is on the decline.

子浚法师Zi-jun fashi 据说是宋代治学华严有成的唯一人物。
Zi-jun fashi as per history is the only one that has success during the Song dynasty from the study and research of Surangama Sutra.

最初,他依洪敏法师Hong-min fashi 学习《楞严经》Surangama Sutra
At first, he study under Hong-min fashi on Surangama Sutra, but when at the point of mobile & stationary, no matter how, he can't understand.

He thought: as per Buddhism's reasoning, matters & objects are originally pure and immobile, but why suddenly give birth to mountain, river and great earth, all materials in this world?

He kept thinking hard and still can't understand, so he went to pay visit to ZM hui-jue. 

Hui-jue is a renown zen master of that time, and stay at Lang-ya mountain to propagate teachings.
Zi-jun arrived at Lang-ya, just when Hui-jue ascend to the lesson hall to lecture, he couldn't wait and asked straight away:

Zen master, I have a question that I would like to ask. 
Everything in the world is originally pure and clean, why suddenly start to move, giving birth to mountain, river, great earth?

ZM Hui-jue shouted loudly: Naturally pure and clean. How you can suddenly give birth to mountain river great earth!

Zi-jun got shocked, can't stop perspiration over his whole face, suddenly reach great realisation.

ZM Hui-jue said to him: Hua-yan school has long been down, you have to stay firm to support it, in order to repay Buddha's grace.

Zi-jun got the teaching and carried out propagating teachings and strengthening Hua-yan school and made it flourish again. 
In later years, people combine him with Hua-yan famous monk Gui-feng school secret and titled as [Gui-feng Long water].

ZM Hui-jue is a female and got enlightened when she was 15 years old.

Dear all,
Recall GM Lu's words about why most of our Buddha Nature is "deeply buried"?

The layers of grime that YOU deposited through the years from Innocent infant to now, buried your Buddha nature deeply!

What are these layers of grime?

Similar to giving birth to mountain river and great earth!

Ask yourself: What have I been accumulating all these years?

If you need lots of sentient material to pass each day, then it is time to start to reflect, prioritise and chuck out little by little till you are Pure & Clean again!

If you have been heeding my advice and sharing, and not abusing me verbally or in written form online, You should be well on your way to Pure & Clean by now! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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