Friday, October 23, 2015

禅宗大德故事 Zen School Bhadanta Tales - 快乐与痛苦 Happiness & Pain

In ZM Tan-zhao's daily sermon, he won't leave out:   
Be happy! Be happy! Life is very happy!    
However, on one occasion when he was ill, in illness he kept saying:    
Painful! Painful! Very painful!    
When Abbot heard these, he reprimanded:    
Wei! A votarist (Monk) when sick, kept yelling pain, pain, not good to see!   
Tan-zhao: Healthy and happy, sick and pain, this is natural, why can't call out pain?    
Abbot: Remember the time when you fell into water and almost drown, yet your face remained unchanged, that kind of fearless, viewing death as return, where is that grand sentiments now? You always said happy, happy, why when ill you said pain, pain?    
ZM Tan-zhao said to abbot:     
You come, you come, you come to my bedside!    
When abbot is beside his bed, ZM Tan-zhao lightly asked:    
Abbot, Great monk, you just now said that I said happy, happy previously! Now I said pain, pain! Please tell me, actually saying happy is right or saying pain is right?

There are 2 sides to life, pain and happiness, too painful (bitter), of course must lift innermost heart's happiness; too happy, must also understand the true facade of life's pain or bitterness.

Red hot happiness, extreme happiness can give rise to sorrow;
Icy cold pain or sorrow, can become tasteless; 
the best life to live is not bitter not happy, middle path way.

A very hard to eliminate factor in most! :)

Zen Patriarch Hui-neng's middle path teachings are that important for those on the path to enlightenment! 

Still remember the dualistic pairs shared by Hui-neng in his sutra, and expounded by GM Lu?

These are some of the Basics you need to arm yourself with too, on the bodhi path!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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