Friday, October 16, 2015

禅宗大德故事 Zen School Bhadanta Tales – 就是这样吗?Is it like this?

白隐慧鹤(Hakuin Ekaku,1685-1768或1686-1769),日本僧人 Japanese Monk、艺术 Artist 家和作家 Writer。人们通常尊称其为 “白隐禅师”。

ZM Hakuin was praised by people of the neighbourhood, and they said he is a pure saint.

There was this couple who runs a food-stuff shop, and has a pretty daughter.

However, one day the couple found that their daughter is pregnant without any reason.

These made them very troubled, keep asking the daughter for explanation.

At first the daughter refused to tell but after being pressured persistently, she finally gave the name of Hakuin.

The parents were very angry, and immediately seek out Hakuin, but the reply was these words: Is it like this?

When the child is born, the couple sent the child to Hakuin.

This ruined Hakuin's reputation, people sneered at him.

He was not bothered, only care for the child meticulously.

He went around begging for the child's needs like milk and stuff for daily life.

After a year, the unmarried mother can't withstand the torture of her innermost heart, finally revealed the truth that the child's father is a youth.

The parents immediately went to Hakuin to apologise and asked for forgiveness, and brought the child back with them.

Hakuin has nothing to said, handed over the child and lightly asked: Is it like this?


What did you learn from this story?

What did Hakuin practiced in the Dharma context?

The Truth will out eventually.
Who is right and who is wrong?

Remember 6th Zen Patriarch Hui-neng's : Not thinking of Good and not thinking of Evil?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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