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讀密勒日巴之偈 Reading Milarepa's Verses

Terjemahan Indonesia: Membaca Sajak-sajak Milarepa

Source: 師尊文集 > 172_隨風的腳步走 > 讀密勒日巴之偈
GM Lu's literary collection > 172 Follow the Footsteps of Wind

The above is a depiction of Milarepa.
It is the closest that I can find from the web to one I have seen.
I have seen one of Milarepa sitting on a rock, amidst  acres of grassland.
Windy as the ends or edges of his clothes were "floating"!
Have you a thangka like that to share?



When I scrutinise this body, feel that it is as impermanent as morning dew, after not long will aged imaginary die disintegrate.

When I look at partners and kins, realised these gathering is like traders, after not long will depart and hard to always meet.

When I look at Blood Sweat Wealth Treasure, like hardworking bees gathering honey, busying self for others and eventually become void.

When I look at Life's work/career and home place, realised that it is like a big prison, gathering nest of evil deeds.

Reading these four verses, my perspiration dripped copiously down.

Looking at worldly cultivator, Milarepa said these:

Greed cravings goes deeply into Heart, always paranoid of gain & loss, tied or entangled by written characters, Heart do have have decisive view, calculative even on small rise & fall, with nurturing love craving for women, messed up and against joy, using body and mind as slaves, body donned lazy-bracket, striking Transmigration's great target, mouth claims to adhere to Buddha Dharma, but actually did lots of sins,  cute tender follow the world's sentiment, drawn by others through own nose, if study Buddha Dharma this way, always in troubled thoughts. 

Beware Ah! Beware!


















[--- How is it, then, that we become confused or deluded by samsara and so remain caught within it? Clinging to samsara deludes us.

It is not through the appearances of the six different realms of sentient beings or the external world of our environment that we are bound and confused: it is our attachment to these that binds. 

As Tilopa spoke to Naropa: "My son, we are not bound by appearances; we are bound by our clinging to them."

If we do not examine or analyze samsara, using our intelligence to see what it really is, we could remain in a certain kind of happiness or pleasure. This would indicate, however, that we have not looked directly into samsara and analyzed it carefully. We must use our intelligence to look into the many different forms in which sentient beings appear: large, small, and so forth, and into the great variety of forms we see in the environment around us. We could analyze all these to discover the cause and conditions for their arising. To look at the existence of beings, we can look at our minds and body and see how it is that they create karma. If we investigate like this, we will begin to understand how our realm of existence comes into being, and we will see that the nature of samsara is suffering. Traditionally, suffering is divided into three different types: all-pervasive suffering, the suffering of change, and the suffering of suffering. ---]


[--- Milarepa responded: "Thanks to the blessings of the Buddhas, the Bodhisattvas, my lama and his wife, I was able to attain a little bit of experience, a little bit of realization.

In this completely matured body, this physical form of mine, it is possible to reach Buddhahood. 

This body is a boat that will take me across samsara to Buddhahood. 

However, it's also possible that I can use this very body to accumulate negative karma, and this will lead to rebirth in the hell realms. 

There is a choice.

I can turn my mind towards positive activity and achieve Buddhahood in one lifetime or I can turn my mind toward negative activity and go to the hell realm. ---]


Hahaha! I have always been talking about [Choice]!

Spend your Limited Life Span in this lifetime with a Human Shell Fruitfully and not Frivolously! 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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