Monday, November 17, 2014

公案作业 Koan Assignment - Comments [5]

Hahaha! A chapter? A temple?
Pure Karma does cultivation anywhere!
The Homa sessions were held in a loading bay of an industrial building! 
Everything can be packed up and mobile! :)

Hi Fashi
My views are as follows:

I dun go into why ZZ is unhappy with the two chapters n go set up Y. but I think her intention of setting up Y is not correct.

I don't see why she must repay GM by doing those things. 

Charity comes from the heart, GM says 对别人有益的事我们要去做 (do matters that benefit others). 

If she does charity is to repay GM, then its not true n heartfelt cultivation. 

Its 做给别人看的 (do to show others) . 
GM also doesn't need her to repay haha. 
Her mindset wrong Liao.

And also charity comes in many forms, not only restricted to set up Y or set up chapters etc. Cultivation is 看开(let go view or mindset) , but she still 执着 (Fixated) on who is in charge.

Charity is also for all sentient beings, 不分种族 (No racial discrimination),不分宗教 (no religious distinction),大家都是一样的众生 ( All are the same, sentient beings).
This shows she has not cultivated well. She still can't let go yet.

You got a pretty good look from the angle that I pointed out!

Why repay GM's magnanimity?

In Zen terms: There is nothing given, and she received nothing, GM also didn't give her any!


You getting wise liao!
I am happy for you!

Cheers, Sunshine!



Why THINK to repay GM for anything?

Most scolded me and alleged that I do not care that those Core listed as "The Bad Guys", are hurting GM by slandering him, scolding him, defaming him,.....

If you listened well to GM, he said: " I don't care!"

To a Buddha, there is no slandering; scolding; defaming; .... at all! 

I had advised many students that have problems to face them and resolve them!

I told them that GM said: Do not run away! 

Yes! Running away, One never learn to overcome hindrances!
Thus, this one that always run away, will Never Grow or Advance in Wisdom on the Bodhi Path!

YES! for those that heed GM's advice to not run away, but cultivate and dedicate merits to all beings, most of them are very much better and more steadfast in their faith in GM too!

Remember that I shared a point of view from Diamond sutra, about Perception?
When you perceived that a person can harm you, then this person is actually given power to harm you, from you personally!

You created the Harm for yourself!

You think this person can take away something that is important to you or you need very much!

Like some HK student fear being left out of the chapter when GM visits, they gave up on one of GM's event on Sunday, but only attend the one on Saturday and rushed back to HK!

Isn't attending GM's event more beneficial?

Why the VM must dictate to students this way, and threatening them too with penalties mete out by her?


To be in control! 
This is the most scary of Human's poison!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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