Friday, November 14, 2014

异梦 Weird Dream

Look at this fire carefully, can you see figures of various spirits? :)

Above: The 2 heads of spirits are very obvious in this photo.

The dream:
I was summoned to help someone having agonising pain in her abdomen.
I somehow detected a growth or lump inside her body.
Using Qi energy, I moved the lump towards patient's anus.

The lump finally came out from the anus and I instructed my aides to cut it away.
There was minimal blood loss!

Then another one which I recognised as a friend of someone I used to know, permed curly hair with rounded spectacles, came towards me for help.
Before she can say anything, she vomited large amount of blood!

Surprisingly, the blood didn't touch and stain me! :)

Ah! I realised then that I am in a ghostly realm, giving "medical aid" to the dead!

Once started, the queue for treatment become very long, just like when I was in Seattle; Taiwan and else where!

Humans & Ghosts love Free medical aid!!!


What is significant in this dream?

Mobilisation or Utilisation of [Qi energy], is something you can use anywhere when the need arises!
It works for Humans with Form and Ghosts without visible forms to the naked eye.

I was just telling someone that what we learned, No one can steal from us! :)

Seems that words get around not only in the Human realm that I am able to help with certain ailments!

Ghost seeking "medical aid" is truly something new to me though!

Cheers all

Lama Lotuschef

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