Friday, November 7, 2014

公案-作业 Koan – Assignment

Terjemahan Indonesia: Tugas – Koan


[ZZ took refuge in 1989, and amongst the 1st lot of disciples.
Instrumental in setting up of 2 chapter then due to human factors and disputes left and set up YY, helping sentient beings OUTSIDE! 
Vow to succour all for GM's sake, like charity for education and old folks. actually XX is for charity and GM promised to let her be incharge, but WW return to set up chapter, thus handed to him. 
Thats why ZZ go propagate dharma to common folks, because she is GM's earlier disciple, she hopes to ensure TBS' dharma can continue to be shared, to pay back Gm's magnanimity. this is the cause and affinity.]

After reading, please ponder and then write your views.

Us cultivators, other than understanding Buddha Dharma, also need to understand how to execute.

Thus, needs to understand and analyse data.


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截止日期:2014 年 11月15日
Closing date: Saturday, 15 November 2014

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