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我们来玩玩 Let's Play

    [ 在密教,證驗有時候也是祕密的,你到處跟人說感應,把所有的感應都講光了,這感應也就跟著沒了,所以有時候這個證驗是在增加你的信心,但還是要經過磨練,若信心不堅固的話,到最後這個證驗跟信心也是會被磨光的。
    In Tantrayana, Affirmation is sometime secret, when you go around telling others about spiritual response, after telling all these responses also no more. Therefore, Affirmation sometimes increases your Faith/Belief, but still need to go through grinding or practice, if Faith is not firm, eventually this affirmation and faith will also be grinded to nothing.

    Just like some ordained personnel, when being ordained they are full of faith and have steadfast bodhi path hearts, cultivating with much concentration and advancement. But after a while, these people disappeared, and later there are news that they went to get married and have kids. 
    Therefore, affirmation and Faith also can disappear, it is not necessary that having affirmation then bodhi path heart will be very steadfast.]

The above are some points that I shared over the weekend in HK with fellow students, and coincidentally, GM also shares them hours later. :)

1. A VM kept pointing to her "3rd eye" chakra and said that "My 3rd eye can see .....".
Lots of students all over the world bought her Claims!
I brought this up too as many on HK also die-hard fans of this VM.
Remember a VM that claimed she was visited by water spirits like fishes?
Before she set out to do purification, the spirits came and remind her to bring her Bell & Dorje.
She said she studiously did purification for the spirits in a lake for more than 4 hours, while cruising around the lake.

Do you know that you can do purification with Hand Mudra Formation?
Do you also know that One can do purification in less than a Minute and not more than 4 hours?

I shared how to draw the seed syllable HOM in the sky and then use the Dorje to beam light on it, and lighting up the HOM like the Sun shining over all beings, in the air, in the sea, and on land.

I hope fellow students wake up to the fact that these people as GM said, talked about all their spiritual responses until all disappeared!

Look at the person's aura too!

2. A fellow student that I met back in 2010 when GM visited HK.
He told me that when chanting 100 syllable mantra, he can feel currents from his crown downwards and also a tightening sensation.

This round, he was warned against attending Pure Karma's HK event by a chapter's chief.
I also heard that he 修法精進 Cultivates with concentration and improvement.
I explained what is 精進 - concentrated or focused efforts and with gradual or mark improvement.

When I met this student, he has the aura of a being from the animal realm.
His back is bent and his facial features too are of a dog.
He also didn't go to work to earn a living, but depended on his spouse to maintain him.

This time round, he is still not working and living off his spouse.

Dear all, this person only wants to cultivate.
Sadly he don't know where he is going with his mindset!

He will never be able to attain any level at all.

Is he thinking that when he is successful then he can call the shots and make money with his "acquired power"?


When I explained, not many take me seriously though!

Now that GM comes out and "back me", I sincerely hope all will wake up!

And GM also touches on 自主生死 controlling one's own fate or life & death.

If you follow those that have yet to achieve Guru Yoga and be enlightened, you will be like them, never attaining any levels but busy and jealously guarding their sentient possessions and status!

Shouldn't each individual be given the Freedom to choose who to learn from and what event to attend?


Ignorants leading the ignorants!

Lama Lotuschef

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