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淨信 Pure Faith?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Iman yang Murni?

2014年11月1日晚間 Evening of 1 November 2014

蓮生法王:想得大成就 弟子必淨信根本上師
By shirley on 11/11/2014

Summary translation by Lotuschef.



[GM said that irregardless of origin or reincarnation, all must go through Admin to issue Vajra-master's certificate, and GM to give Acarya abhiseka then authentic.]



[GM gave an example of cooking a pot of vegetables.
When boiled, if lift lid, the hear will spread and disperse, thus quickly cooled, signifies "Affirmation" not lasting. You have to let the vegetables in the pot boiled until cooked, then will have success or attainment.
Thus, as per Tantrayana, Affirmation is secret, cannot said too early, have response then talk about it, till the end, all responses talked about, become no more responses. 
Sometimes, when you have affirmation, it is to increase your own Faith.]


[Tantric cultivators if think of achieving Great Success or attainment, the individual self need to be of Great Potential, other then adhering to Root Guru's teachings, Still need to have Pure Faith in Root Guru, that is 100% of  Complete Pure Faith.]


[Like pouring Milk into an empty cup, enable you to be fully satisfied, received Perfection, this then can achieve Great Success or attainment.
Because is True Transmission. 
Transmission can be in dreams; appearing to you in daytime; even when in Samadhi.
As long as not developed from false thoughts, all consider as True transmission.]


[Lineage empowerment comes from Guru's transmitted Guru Yoga practice, Cultivate daily and lineage will become stronger and stronger.
Likewise, when cultivating Principal Yidam's practice.

(Must Receive empowerment daily, it is like water flowing continuously, this then is True Transmission.)

Applies to Dharmapala's practice too. One will get their protection forever too.
Thus all that have taken refuge must practice this way then can have strength of Lineage blessing and True transmission.]


Hahaha! Now study the following photos closely and go figure who is truly cultivating and who is putting on an act of cultivating! 
This is good training in Application of all you have learnt so far! 


More photos from other sessions are available in: 藥師如來誓願宏深 願為眾生解除疾苦

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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