Saturday, November 15, 2014

即时饿鬼道 Instant Hungry Ghost Realm

 Above:The Lion's playground whereby the lion is compassionately and meticulously giving blessing to all present.

Below: The [Instant Hungry Ghost Realm] created by VM Lian Ning!

Why did you touch the pouch that LN handed out, telling you that it is GM's?
Does touching GM's possession without GM's permission gives you more blessing?
Can't you believe that GM will give you all you ever need if you just have Full & Absolute Faith in Him?

You see now, when you touches GM's pouch held out by LN, you did it out of Poisons like Greed & Ignorance!
You  joined him in the [Hungry Ghost Realm] he created instantly!

Wake up!
You failed to understand what GM teaches and followed someone with external form blindly into the Hungry Ghost Realm that he created on the spot, or where ever he stands!


In recent session of GM's speech, many that are ill were healed by GM's blessing together with their own diligent effort in Cultivation.

I recall one VM in HK during GM's visit in 2010.
He is on the brim of death, the "look" or aura already showed.
However, he is well now!
He found the "Way" to save himself, from GM's teaching and his own diligent efforts!

Therefore, when Shi-mu talks about giving 41 years of her life to TBS and caring for GM, but she needs to rest as her health is real bad now; she reveals that she is one of those that Do not have absolute faith in GM, concur?

In the Koan Assignment, ZZ left the sector XX after GM appoints WW to take charge.
She talks about repaying GM's magnanimity with her charitable efforts.


PK: Why I chose it as koan assignment?
It's short but like BB's email, encompasses lots of interesting angles!

Why don't u all think upon "her wish to repay GM's magnanimity. "
This statement has cute angles! :)

Thunder brewing in yet another rain storm now. Cools down everywhere

AA: because to repay is to be like GM :)
the greatest form of repaying him

it's cloudy now, the temperature has just started to cool down

i remember he said that we're all nirmanakayas of buddhas

PK: I shared an article on highest offering. It's there!
To repay GM?  :)

AA: yes :)

PK: How to repay also don't know. And have nothing to repay with too!

Still didn't figure out buddha dharma, no way to repay!

AA: talking about higher concept of charity and repaying magnanimity may shock some people

PK: Well? Lots of people think they are great n blowup their Ego sky high n wide! Hehe!

Just the same as Bodhidharma telling the king that he has no merits.

Like GM said always talk about responses n then no more!

However, there's a way to talk about responses without them being gone :-)

GM is doing so all the time. Me too!

Why GM & I don't have problem with spiritual responses diminishing & disappearing altogether? :)
AA: hahahaha
yes hor

Dear all, the answer as to how you can talk about Spiritual responses and not have them disappearing completely lies in GM's speeches and his books!

Other than the 6 Paramitas, know what is the highest offering?
Find it from GM's library or in this blog!

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