Monday, November 24, 2014

血缘 Blood Ties

Above pictures: Blood cells and Blood.

Lets have FUN!

We share the same "blood" with our relatives and these are "Blood Ties"! :)

However, Karma is One's own!

How many created great negative karmic deeds against others, collectively, because of these Blood Ties?

We know that are many that created negative against others, in exchange for Fame; Wealth; Adulations; Jealousies; ......

I have experienced some pretty bad stuff from a family that all lie and use threats to cheat and hurt me for Money!

I have seen families that fight like animals for inheritances.

So is there really a big deal with having "Blood Ties"?

In Tantrayana, One's root guru is like One's parent, nurturing and educating with meticulous care and patience.

I am sure lots of you also found that friends sometimes are better than family members too.

Shall I redefine "Family"?

Blood ties doesn't automatically make anyone your family.

For Family means caring, loving, supporting each other and steer each other away from Harm and Illegal deeds.

So Family to me, can be anyone that Fits this description or definition, and not Blood ties!

THINK: In a Buddha's eyes, what constitute Family?

Now ask yourself, "Is GM Lu, my Family?"

Do you truly care for GM Lu or do you put up a false front of caring only?

Ya! Most of those Self proclaimed Care-givers of GM Lu are fakes!

Spreading rumours of inappropriate behaviours; hiring practitioners to cast Black Magic to hurt GM; instilling all the wrong values in students; threatening with penalties using GM's name; cheating others and faking cultivation; .....

These are the worse group of people wielding their own sick control over susceptible beings!

Listen well to GM Lu; and realised that you really don't need those fakes to teach you how to cultivate, and please do not BUY your way to be near to GM too!

Remember GM said that A Pure Mind is the Key to Attainment!

Do not jump into the "kimchi" urn and or get push into one and get Polluted!

Now: recall the time when GM said that someone hired black spells cast on him to Prevent him from ascending the Dharma Throne to share Dharma?

This recent Saturday: GM asked whether anyone can sit in his chair?

If you care for GM, you will know who wants to sit in is chair and TAKE OVER very very impatiently!

O! Only one that has yet to achieve Guru Yoga & Enlightenment will crave the sentient minded "glory" of sitting in a wooden chair so badly!

GM said the Formless or invisible are more worthy!

Yes! We each have a Lotus Throne and all we need is to cultivate diligently to reveal it!

No one can steal your diligence in cultivation and attainment, and of course your very own Buddha nature!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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