Saturday, November 15, 2014

公案作业 Koan Assignment - Comments [4]

Fashi, here are my comments.

"ZZ took refuge in 1989, and amongst the 1st lot of disciples.
Instrumental in setting up of 2 chapter then due to human factors and disputes left and set up YY, helping sentient beings OUTSIDE!"

Hmm, i agree with the questions why ZZ only helps sentient beings OUTSIDE.
Seems ZZ still has some dislike towards INSIDE beings which i assume as TBS disciples from the earlier era. 
Helping people in need suppose not to be picky, whether they are from inside or outside. :D 

Also the OUTSIDE statement is opposing ZZ's vow to succour ALL for GM's sake.

Whatever happened in the organization should not affect ZZ's good intentions to help people. 

Borrowing SZ's article and Fashi's translation for ZZ to ponder. Nagarjuna broke up Auspiciousness Cultivators

Well, i appreciate ZZ's efforts to help people and it will be even better if she lets go the past, ego, pride, organization politics. hehehe



GM also recently said his Thubten guru "talks bad" about GM, in so doing helping him to be rid of those that don't have enough belief in GM as a True Yogi and Living Buddha!

When you claim to be a student of Living Buddha Lian Sheng, GM Lu, Please do bear in mind that you live up to this claim!

ZZ sets a fixed program for all her visits in the name of charity.

Dear all, do remember that Dharma is as infinite as all the beings in the Universe of 3 times & 10 directions! 

Impermanence or Non-constant! 

Application of Buddha Dharma is what all those that claimed to be GM Lu's students must execute!

Cheers all

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