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公案作业 Koan Assignment - Comments [1]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Tugas Koan – Komentar [1]

** Please note that submission of comments for this assignment ends 15 November 2014.

[--- Some comments for the koan assignment

I'd like to give some views for this case.

Personally ZZ has tried her best to apply the concept of bodhicitta by wanting to help sentient beings, but there is something unsettling about helping only sentient beings OUTSIDE, which are not those from TBS. This is not very clear why she chose to do this, whether due to the disputes or other reasons.

One more thing is that when GM re-assigned the responsibility of XX to WW instead of her, it became quite obvious that ZZ is unsuitable for the role. 
Maybe you were right that she was bossy since she might feel she was instrumental in setting up chapters, thus an important voice to consider.

Some pointers that:
1. Only helping the OUTSIDES
2. Ensuring the TBS dharma to continually be shared
Are also good, but in my opinion, if I were ZZ, helping means to help indiscriminately by seeing the affinity and circumstances
When someone from the Inside (according to the case) needs help, it would be weird not to provide a helping hand.

Ensuring the TBS dharma to continually be shared is also good, but this is to be conducted according to affinity and the level of those who propagate the dharma to ensure it is true version of buddha dharma of TBS that is being shared, and also the capacity of the recipients. 

We can't just share or teach blindly.

First, one must realise one's own level of realisation; and 
second, propagating the dharma isn't confined to being only the task of earlier generation of GM's disciples, as period (length) of refuge isn't a guarantee of accomplishment.

If ZZ would apply the 3 wheels of emptiness, she would not bother with separating the line between helping Outside and Inside, because from the start she would know that all sentient beings are one.
All in all, ZZ just needs to adjust her mindset a bit and things would change for the better. 
Charities for education and old folks are surely good things to do; and there are many ways on how to do charities too.

Cheers. ---]



Your comments are well placed.

However, take into consideration that the Write-up or summary of ZZ is by someone else!
Hahaha! So we can only "Assume" with writer of the ZZ's history.

Now, from my reading of ZZ, there truly is a "proprietary" stance about her being in the "limelight" and "Boss' seat" too!

I noticed her fixation about sharing her VERSION of TBS' dharma too!
The volunteers are mostly not GM Lu's students.

She showed in a whats app circle consisting of few of us, a visit they went on the next day after our visit!
She also stated firmly how she wants the visits to be streamlined! :)

Just like Shimu, claiming to have given 41 years for TBS' welfare, people didn't realise at all, that forcing people or dictating to them are anathema to Buddha's teaching!

Claiming credits for One's input in a Buddhist Assembly or a Charity one, is also anathema to Buddha's teaching!


This one really Do Not show that she trust GM and has yet to understand the purpose of charity and definition of Dharma Propagation.
Dharma are ways or methods!

Sadly most don't get these principle concepts right! :)


Dear all, 
I have asked many students, do you trust and believe in GM Lu absolutely or 100%; the reply always claimed to be 100% believe in GM Lu! 


Let us study the data given in this Koan.
When GM assigned another to take charge of a certain charity arm, if you truly has 100% faith in GM, then you won't feel that all your past input or hard work is in vain.

You need to acknowledge that [GM knows best!]

Thats what a Root Guru should be to all his students, regardless of how much efforts and time you think you have given propagating dharma!

Please also note that: There is actually No "True Buddha Dharma" too!

Therefore it is Self that created a differentiation or Dualistic view on "Buddha Dharma"!

Sadly, most didn't realise that "Buddha Dharma" are only methods or ways to help all sentient beings, and these ways are varied and immeasurable.
However, these ways are very specific and customised or tailored to Each Individual sentient being!
Read Avatamsaka sutra?
All these that I am sharing, are very clearly shared in this wondrous sutra!

The writer that provided ZZ's history, is attempting to justify ZZ's work.

Now, lets us truly look at so called [Charity]!
The Boddhicitta concept of 3 Wheels of Formlessness or Emptiness; should well describe what truly is [Charity] in Buddha's eye.

To attain Buddhahood, One needs to have the same mindset too, agree? :)

Yes! The charity of inside and outside TBS, is dualism.

Setting out a prescribed program for all charitable activities, from One's point of view only, is Fixation!

If all within the write up of ZZ is true, ZZ has wasted much of her years as a student of GM Lu!

Read the summary write-ups of GM's speeches from the TBS website by VMs?
They like ZZ and many others, truly Do Not have Absolute Faith in their own Root Guru, thus they failed to learn the required methods or dharma to Succour or Save Self, of course, they don't have the know how too to save others!

Aura reading?
You only need to look at the Key - Ageing!
GM said that One gets younger and younger when cultivating through the various levels to Buddhahood!
So if you are sickly; ageing rapidly; have unfriendly features: ... you are very loss or in deep stupor!

Merits? Think of 3 wheels of formlessness, please!

When you go about your perception of Charity and Dharma Propagation that does more harm than good, it is best to stop and do nothing!

Cheers all.

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