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顯相有意義嗎?Is there Meaning in Showing Form?

Source: 蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 241_遇見本尊 > 顯相有意義嗎?
GM Lu's literary collection > 241  Meeting with Principal Yidam

[--- English Summary Translation by Lotuschef. Readers may choose to do their own translation too! :) ---]


One day, a student asked me: Is there meaning to showing form?
I replied: Have!
(This is sentient worldly view-point.)


For example: When I was in Korea, I paid homage to Bhaisajyaguru's standing statue and circling it 3 rounds.
On the return trip, as I was in Samadhi, Bhaisajyaguru showed form together with his court and retinue of Boddhisattvas and Dharmapalas.
I think to myself: My illness will be healed!
Later, my illness fully healed!


Another example:
When I was flying within Mainland China, from Beijing to Tai Yuan, when in Samadhi on board, I saw Amitabha Buddha showing his golden form.
32 forms. Purplish gold mani light. Rounded crown light. Full body silhouette light. Red light emitted under feet.
This is the most dignified Dharma form of Amitabha Buddha that I have seen in my life.
I perceived that: Amitabha Buddha is accompanying me in touring the whole of Mainland China, and protectively blessing me with safety and auspiciousness.
Then main reason is: Red light emitted under feet.


Another example: 
During the [SARS] epidemic, my heart was very heavy, chanting [Great Calamities Mantra]
Suddenly in Samadhi one day, I saw [Golden Mother of the Yao Pond] the Fairy King, showing lots of precious light, giving me a small white pouch and instructing me to go rescue [SARS].

A Qian-kun pouch
Depiction of Qian Kun Constellation in the universe


I see the little white pouch enlarged upon meeting with wind, just like a big "Qian-Kun" pouch.
It's capacity is immeasurable and like "Sucking Heart big method", sucked in all [SARS] viruses.
I think: SARS will soon end!
Later: Truly amazing as so much viruses disappeared without trace within a day.

<Qian & Kun, are names of constellation. GM used them here probably means a pouch large enough to bag up the whole universe, including all [SARS] viruses.>

I wrote this article to show that [Showing form is not meaningless].

親愛的聖弟子:Saintly Students:
Broadly speaking, Buddha Dharma has meaning of worldly and Elemental Truth forms.

In worldly perspective, the most important is Not Fixated Not Confused, let it come or go.

Whereas in Elemental Truth, our view on [show form] produced when in [Void nature], do not extend fixation, let it show or hide, as long as we use [Understand Nature] to feel it.

Important point is to Understand [One's own heart's nature].


Dear all, 
Note that GM was in Samadhi when he has the the "Sightings"! 


If you have yet to achieve the Samadhi state with ease, then you are unable to have these "Sightings"!

May 2009 - I remember one such sighting after visiting a Dragon King's temple in Taiwan, near a lake named Dragon King Lake.
Drawn on the walls of the temples are the 8 Fairies and a young version of Golden Mother of the Yao Pond sitting in a "wheel chair" with her attendants beside her. 
I also had a good look at the Dragon King's statue that is a standing upright one.

I get seasick when in small boats, thus I stayed behind and waited for the rest of the group to return from the lake cruise! :)

I sat talking to the Dragon King!

On board the tour-bus after leaving the temple, I started to cultivate.
In Samadhi, Dragon King appeared together with the 8 fairies and Golden Mother.
Then a temple with 8 fairies circling on top and Golden Mother within appeared.
The whole scene was full of golden light.


24 August 2008 - While chanting High King Avalokitesvara Sutra, I saw a rice-coloured lotus with 8 petals started to bloom and radiating great light. 
That is 3 weeks or 21 days from 3 August 2008; after taking refuge with GM Lu.

31 August 2008 - While chanting 100 syllable mantra, a mid-night blue coloured lotus also bloom and radiating great light too.
GM Lu gave the debut transmission of Hevajra in Seattle, later that day.

Note that the lotuses bloomed SEVEN days apart! :)

Still remember that GM said the chakras "opened" 7 days apart?

Multiples of SEVEN!


I sincerely hope that all will take note of what GM shares and cultivate with diligence adhering to GM Lu's teachings or instructions.

I also hope that all steer clear of those that have yet to achieve Guru Yoga and churn their own misguided version or interpretation of GM Lu's statements.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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