Sunday, November 16, 2014

感应没有了 Spiritual Response No More?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Kontak Batin Tak Muncul Lagi?


I have written about the reason why many are stuck when they have "sightings" or spiritual responses during cultivation.

Fixation is the culprit hindering you.
This also arises from an Impure mind or mind not steadfast "enough" to stay focus and most important be "Natural"!


Listen to GM carefully!

When you cultivate and started to have "sightings" or some form of spiritual responses; you must treat these naturally and Do Not let them entangle you in any way!

I mean, when you reach certain stages that you get "sightings" or responses; let them pass and continue with cultivation!

I think GM has already explained how not to get carried away when attempting to stay in Samadhi.

With the recent references drawn to this Spiritual response topic, I am sure GM will soon satisfy all your curiosity on this topic.

Meantime, check whether you really have started to have responses, then because You expect the same ones to appear at a certain stage in cultivation, you somehow "Falsify" the responses or feeling and Create the same scenario over and over again!

Cheers all.

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