Thursday, November 6, 2014

师尊再讲行立坐卧GM Stresses Poses Again


行如风 -moves like wind
立如松 - erect as pine tree
坐如钟 - sit like bell 
卧如弓 - sleep like bow (bow as use with arrows in shooting)

GM said this is a kind of ceremony.

Ah! Please bear this in mind.

These is also a gauge to who is a True Yogi!

Padma Guru & GM also stressed that all sincere cultivators should keep spine straight when sitting or standing.

That is we have to keep a straight spine so as to maintain a straight Central Channel.

The Central channel links all chakras and thus must be erect to enable smooth flow of Qi energy through all chakras.

So you can look at all those who claimed to be "Powerful" and you can tell too, whether they are true yogi or not!
Another gauge is whether they look scary or not! :)

证验 -Affirmation. GM said some of them have affirmation but these can be disappeared.

感应 -Spiritual response.
These too are not permanent. When you keep telling of all your experiences of spiritual response, you used up all eventually.

GM liken Affirmation to cooking. When One opens the lid of a cooking pot prematurely, the food is not properly and thoroughly cooked.

Therefore, Affirmation and Trust or Faith, can disappear.

GM also stresses on 一皈依Refuge with One only, always have Root Guru atop one's crown.
One should be extremely Pure too.

Cheers all

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