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自然界的現象 Nature Realm's Phenomenon

GM Lu's literary collection > 172 Follow the Footsteps of Wind


English Summary Translation by Lotuschef.
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In Samadhi ......

Yet another transformed as Buddha to test me: There is a master, ate up the whole [Chapter's Assets], destroying the [Chapter], students left wandering, what are you going to do?

I replied: Chapter's assets eventually Do Not Have, Chapter Do not have one dharma or method of Arising nor Disintegrating form; Students should observe Own Hearts minutely, One body 3 Gems, always present in front, Nothing to be suspicious and worry about.

Transformed Buddha said: There is another master, who ate up all temple building funds, also gave up the master's title and work, students lost wealth and premises, what are you going to do? 

I replied: This does not matter, Temple can be in One's own heart; All dharma do not arise; All Dharma do not disintegrate; lost wealth and premise, not pursuing form to give rise to meaning, no gain and no loss.

Transformed Buddha said again: Have another master, cheated lots of True Buddha School's students out of their wealth & possessions, ran away without a trace of person, wealth; all gone, what are you going to do? 

I replied: Nothing matters!

Transformed Buddha said: You said nothing matters, but students are in chaos, how can nothing matter?

I replied: This is Natural Realm's phenomenon, in this world, Masters with 3 Karmas not cleanse & pure still have alot, [Steal Abduct Seize Cheat] often heard of, also in Religious Realms.
Be it Dragon or Snake, all have its scales, said is One heart, but when things happened, it is natural, but all students must have steadfast or firm Bodhi Path Hearts, turn heart about to be Buddha, not changing own aim or motive then correct.

Transformed Buddha asked: When [Steal Abduct Seize Cheat] happened, are you troubled?

I replied: True Void is without Stagnation, All worldly's arising & disintegrating, do no have a single Receive nor Lost, Master do not know, thus still nothing matter!

  我寫一詩: I write a poem:

This world is like great storms

Because of these storms then understand steadfastness of Bodhi Path Heart

Within Heart still have Buddha Dharma Sangha

This type of student then can term as Saint

Saintly students (Hor!) Saintly students

See through life's dream realm

Life & death is similar

Gain & Loss is similar

Buddha has all Wisdoms

Please refer to : 
Dear all,
In all above articles, the Key point is the same!

Be Natural and do not let anything or anyone affect you in anyway! 

蓮生活佛講心經 -[以無所得故,菩提薩埵]



This is a part of Heart sutra: 以無所得故 As there is nothing to attain....
GM explained as: This universal original nature, original Buddha Nature, originally belongs to Self, because it is of Self, when you realised Heart and Nature, what else is there left to attain?

Originally belongs to you, therefore you have noting to attain.



Heart sutra is one of the Enlightening Sutra, IF you understand what it says!

THINK: do you still have time to waste creating Negatives?

Time to settle down and reflect upon all one's own frivolous and negative creating deeds, Repent and Change!


Is Lotuschef very Bad & Evil?

Nothing Matters!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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