Tuesday, November 11, 2014

给你讲开悟 Tell You Enlightenment?

9 November 2014: GM talks about Enlightenment that cannot be told again.

He said: even if he tells you, you still need to go figure out and find your own Buddha Nature.

Now, words spread around widely for some time: VM Lian Dian, the writer of summaries of GM's speeches, like shared in the following articles,

Yes! From the summaries written, this LD has yet to be enlightened.

Dear all, remember that One's Body Speech Mind, reveals the "Real You"!

AA: Livecast signals poor
Sun, 1:10 PM

BB: yes, stops sometimes

AA: The links n required plugins
Use Chrome can't then tried safari also keeps breaking
Give up liao

BB: i m using firefox
install all the required plugins within

AA: Next round in medan help me install

BB: can you right click and see whether it can install the required plugins?
sure, i will help with checking and installing then :)

AA: Now can see . GM talking about milk
N no one call him ma
He means all drinking his dharma milk

BB: :)

AA: didn't hear much of the whole speech!

BB: the first part was about the guru yoga
that when one has achieved yoga, the guru is always with the one, so one won't be separated by birth - death - location - time, as they are all void
this is to clarify that most people cry when GM leaves seattle

such a cool sermon for the people who don't understand what yoga is about

AA: I got part of that about physical body n dharmakaya
Ya. Guru is always with you when u yoga
So where u are n distance apart from GM or his physical body is not important

BB: even when you're on the other planet hahaha

AA: Then stresses purity

BB: exactly
yes, about the purity as well

AA: I think I always share the same ideology of GM always with us.
But u need relevant receptors to link to GM, that's all

BB: yep

AA: Like I shared concepts hours before GM does. :)

BB: one vm said that it's great to receive blessing when GM is around
i think he didn't get the idea

AA: I shared what GM is about to do so, soon

BB: because he thinks the concept of being physical

AA: Hahaha! GM said that's what tantrayana is all about many times too. These ppl didn't yoga lol

AA: O! in 8 nov's speech, GM also talks about cultivating from low to medium to high!
Hehe! Our HX wants to attain Buddhahood in ONE day!
Tues, 12:56 PM

BB: HX needs to do some research and study the philosophical of buddhism to widen the perspective

AA: he is still very sentient minded n for SELF

BB: otherwise he doesn't have idea what the progress is all about
quite obvious from his email ya

AA: and GM makes request for benefit of all, Daily!
thats why I shared his email lol
he has lots of Needs for sentient materials!

BB: ya GM does that

AA: and the speech that shi-mu gave, shows how far from realisation or enlightenment she is!

GM stressed that Doctor's advice is to rest n exercise as she is over stressed n unhealthy

hehe! if she not so greedy then she will be fine!
even the fellow students knows how she spoils her son with replacing the sport-cars that he damages all the time!
giving him full support for his family to live luxuriously!
those money from all in gongyang to GM!
her health will be good like GM if she cultivates like GM!

GM makes out that she is so great n gives all to others! :)
but the underlying is shi-mu must stay out of TBS' matters! hehe!

From sentient viewpoint, Shi-mu is giving her all to TBS!
However, from a Buddha's view, she is stuck and strangulated by sentient mud!

BB: ai shi-mu
even the countenance and the way she spoke yesterday gave off an unsettling feel

AA: her speech always enumerates her "hardwork" for TBS, but never her huge "income" or "rewards" reaped from such "hardwork"! :)

CC: care for TBS money not its disciples

AA: i briefly glance thru the various points that lian dian wrote down of shi-mus's speech

CC: hahaha

AA: thats why health no good!

AA: just finished listening to 9 nov speech
the last part about enlightenment, tell already also no use. because need self to reckon the truth! Hehe! this is for #2 n his alleged mistress.
Many said that, under #2's instigation, she chases GM to tell/ give her enlightenment answer!

BB: yes, that part
oh she also chases GM? wah
tak boleh tahan

AA: ya. she still writes summary with her views added!
leaving out the important keys

The ambassador shared that Diligence in Cultivation results in Good health too!
He said his current task is lecturing and he stood for most of the day and yet he don't feel tired or the need to sit down! :)
So the Key to good health is diligent cultivation!
A person that is truly for All, will enjoy blessing constantly and good health, in order to continue to benefit more beings!

Do remember that a Zen dialogue is not a slander chat against anyone, but a helping hand to those subjects mentioned in the dialogue!

Like enlightenment, One needs to put diligent efforts to be enlightened.

Likewise, Cultivation too!

When you don't cultivate, your aura and your body speech mind gives you away!
Likewise Enlightenment!

Failing to pick up Keys from GM's speeches all the time?
You are far from being Enlightened!

Even listening to others' "success" stories, you also won't know what to do!


GM said the True Buddha Sutra is a gem that not many knows of, because he uses it as a last resort to help students!

Now go back and study Assignment [2] again, please.

Just a short phrase from the sutra, engulfed lots of goodies!

GM said that you only need to chant this sutra at least once a day! :)

Other than waste your time following others and carrying out their orders blindly, in Tantrayana, you only need to listen and practice what your One & Only Root Guru teaches you!

Cheers all

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