Friday, November 7, 2014

自杀 Commit Suicide

Why cannot [commit suicide]?
Human being has Human body's worth, Human body is hard to come by.
We that are born as Human, and born in place with Buddha Dharma,
We also meet up with great kalyanamitra.
We study and practice Buddha Dharma, then can directly attain Buddhahood.

This is born as Human, also with value or worth of attaining Buddhahood.
This type of Human life, how can commit suicide?



There is more than one way that a person can commit suicide!

When you blindly follow one that is not a Kalyanamitra; and you created lots of negative; you actually made a path for self direct to Timeless or Vajra Hell!

Or you go to any of the 3 lower realms upon your demise.

Now please wake up and understand why it is Crucial to Only Listen to One's Root Guru and no one else!

Cheers all

Lama Lotuschef

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