Friday, November 7, 2014

講笑話 Cracking Jokes

【TBSN 水中月】
[TBSN  Moon in Water]

[At ease and not lost wisdom, within humour therein lies profound theory.]

蓮生活佛 盧勝彥以獨特「講笑話」的方式,引眾生入佛法的智慧之海,其說法開示令人耳目一新。
Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Lu Sheng Yan, with his own special style of [Cracking jokes], draws sentient beings into wisdom sea of Buddha Dharma, his Dharma speeches bring about fresh or new concept.

Enable you that is caught up in life's rushing & nervousness, to be [Humerous] at the same time [Relax] to merge into Truth Meaning of Cultivation!

This recent weekend, I was sharing with a group of students about Smiling & Laughing!

At the start of Pure Karma's event, we encourage all attendees to "Clear or expel darkness"!

All we need to do is take a deep breath and "hollow" or shout loudly the word "Ai 爱"!

The result is that all attendees were laughing merrily.

There is a shine too from them.

This then is the most Conducive state to begin cultivation! :)

The Saying: Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Yes! Its very true!

Laughter brings in good Qi Energy and pushing out stale or bad energy.

Got it! 

Cheers all

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