Tuesday, November 11, 2014

金剛亥母 Dorje Phagmo

Today's yidam: Dorje Phagmo
In Vajrayana Buddhism, Dorje Phagmo (Tibetan: ་རྡོ་རྗེ་ཕག་མོ, Wylie: rdo rje phag mo, Sanskrit: Vajravārāhī, "The Diamond Sow"),[1] is a special form ofVajrayogini consort of the tantric deity Cakrasaṃvara or Heruka. Although there are practices of Dorje Phagmo in all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, she is particularly associated with the Kagyu tradition and is one of the main yidam practices of that school.


11/09/2014 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu-Rainbow Temple


Invocation verse for Dorje Phagmo -- from the heart. 
Phagmo come to care for / protect/ guard.
As Vajra guru/master.
Providing milk in Lotus palace.
Speedily affirmed Buddha's fruit.
Longevity, wide-spreadly succour. 




Check the following link for this writer's full write up! 

The above comes from a summary written and the Most important Key was somehow Omitted again! 
GM shared the Ultimate Key in this session and writer didn't think it is important to just didn't catch it! :)
Hahaha! This writer always added her own views and explanation, but somehow didn't catch or can't pick out the Crucial keys shared by GM! 

On 8-11-2014, GM talked about the 3 receptacles for Dharma Milk!

1. One is overturned, means don't believe in Dharma, thus can't receive any Dharma milk from Divinities.
2. One is cracked, and Dharma milk that flows in, cannot be retained and all leaked away.
3. One is too dirty or filled with garbage, and Dharma milk gets polluted and not suitable for use. This type are those with heavy karmic negatives.

This is like the 3 types of beings that can't be succoured by Buddha:
1. Don't believe
2. No affinity
3. Heavy karmic negatives

Why did this writer, LD, always gives her own comments and omitting the Crucial Keys that GM shares?
Please apply the above 3 receptacles concept and you will have your answer! :)

Now that aside, what is the crucial key that was omitted?
Dorje Phagmo is the only yidam instrumental for the "burning" of impurities initially.
Then the purifying of inner system and lighting up of central channels, "burning" the Bindu Drops as they are constantly produced, and ultimately lighting up the yogi's whole body, thus transformation into rainbow body of light or just light.
Note that this light merges into the universal void hence.
This yogi has attained Buddhahood!

O! GM also said when one merges into Universe, then One has conquered the whole world as One!
(8-11-2014's speech). 

Yes! When you always didn't or unable to pick up the crucial keys from GM's sharings, you can't claim to be cultivating diligently!
Because you didn't do so with GM's guidances and thus can't achieve Guru Yoga, no matter how much time you have spent on so call "Cultivation" and how much time you have taken refuge with GM Lu!

Please wake up to the fact that I am not talking bad about the writer but am attempting to wake this writer up to share the authentic dharma that GM Lu's expound with accuracy or word for word and not add in comments from her own limited and unenlightened viewpoint.

I am trying to save writer from wasting away her limited time in this current human shell only! :)

Please go listen to GM's speech from above links and pick up your own keys along the way!

Cheers all

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