Tuesday, November 11, 2014

一步一步修行 Step by Step Cultivation

  • 假的金刚上师 Fake Vajramasters [2]
  • 2. Recently, i just read an article from FB Mother Universe, written that GM has sadhana to achieve Buddhahood in 7 days, which is in Sutrayana , and in tantra, it is only 1 day.
    Plz Excuse me for asking this. Could we ask the sadhana using letter and donation?
On 8-11-2014,
GM said that cultivation from low to medium to high.

On 9-11-2014, 
GM said cultivation has 4 levels, thus have to cultivate from basic to ultimate tantra.

Sincerely hope that all will understand that diligent efforts needed to attain Buddhahood and not just asking for Abhiseka of attaining Buddhahood in One day with special sadhana! :)

GM also often stresses the importance of gradually advancement with diligent efforts.

And in the recent speech, Abhiseka of Dorje Phagmo is 2nd level transmission.
Thus one needs to have all 4 levels of transmission from one's root guru to attain Buddhahood!

From Level 3, abhiseka or transmission is only given to those with relevant foundation and exhibit relevant attributes for advance cultivation instructions!

Just like Pure Karma's sadhana, which has the Transformation into Light methods, One needs to practice it to fruition!
So your Qi; Channels; Bindu drops; .... all need to be in-place and under your control! 

So diligent efforts and a Good Guru's guidance!

Do not look into short cuts or speedy ways to Buddhahood!

Cheers all

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