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假的金刚上师 Fake Vajramasters [2]

Greeting from Medan with Abhiseka Query
Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 9:44 AM

Hii FaShi,

Nin Haoo.
I would like to say thanks for giving me and other GM disciples in Medan to earn the very valuable: MA SHANG YOU QIAN BY GM SHENYENLU red pocket.
In my opinion, it is a very rare gift for any guru Sangha , who is willing to get the RARE RED POCKET FROM GURU farrrr awayy from Seattleee or Taiwan and distribute them to DECENT disciples in Medan, Indonesia, including me.
Though I got it from lucky draw :).

Since then, with affinity, my financial has recovered a lot!
Thank you again FaShi for your compassion and generousity.

My Query:

1. Here by, I am thinking about having my wife, son, daddy, mommy to take "distance refuge" from Guru LianSheng. I plan to send a letter to Seattle. But I need Fashi's opinion about how the donation should be sent?

2. Recently, i just read an article from FB Mother Universe, written that GM has sadhana to achieve Buddhahood in 7 days, which is in Sutrayana , and in tantra, it is only 1 day. 
Plz Excuse me for asking this. Could we ask the sadhana using letter and donation?

Thank you again for your time. and See you again. Keep in touch.



First let me say these:
The red-packets for Ma Shang You Qian, blessed by GM, are from donation of NTD 500 each, to Lotus Light Charity for rice to the poor.
I counted the number of attendees too, so that each can get one.
The kids get pendants and bracelets.
So everyone feels lucky when they get a prize.
I try my best to give each individual attendee a meaningful present.

This round in HK, I bought little bottles of perfumes, have them blessed during event, and give out to all attendees too!

Pure Karma is truly not out to profiteer from any event hosted.
We also donate whatever we can to charity world-wide.

If you listen to GM's speech on 2 November 2014, hopefully all will realise the meaning of Abhiseka and how priceless it is.

Reply to Query:-

1. I have no advice on how to send money for the refuge though.
Perhaps the safest is to buy a non-negotiable draft or money order specifying the recipient.

2. As to sadhana that some one said GM has, then perhaps you have to ask this someone.
Everyone can write in to Admin and await their reply.

I recall reading a book about Drukpa Kunley and his teachings.

If I recall correctly, he has elaborated attainment in 3 days!

Frankly speaking, GM said that most VMs have yet to Yoga with Him, thus they are fakes.

I believe, Time is not an issue for One's attainment at all.

Again you need the Fundamentals, all amassed and Ready to Deploy and Execute at Will.

Yoga with Guru and then yidam of choice is the way to go.

For with One thought or snap of fingers, One can transform into Buddha.

The Key is not to be had from any Sadhana only!

You need the relevants or requisites to decipher the Key from the Sadhana too!

GM said has to cultivate stage by stage or level by level and unless you are one with Great Potential, you will never be able to "Jump" levels!

Thoughts of Speedy Attainment and lack of diligent efforts are anathema to Buddha's teachings and philosophy.

GM said that Enlightenment is a major requisite too!

In GM's Sunday speech, Affinity and Merits carried him through receiving Abhiseka for all yidams.
GM is also a very diligent cultivator till now, never missing a session daily.

Here a student is asking about Attainment of Buddhahood in the shortest time! :)

If you think you can do so, I would like to ask you: What will you be chasing next?

GM said that  some people are being cheated by a female master who claims to be able to give them Maha Perfection Abhiseka!

With this student's mindset, he/she is a likely candidate for this con-person, agree?

Bluff by Fake VMs, ..... what more is there for you?


Mindset of speedy attainment of Buddhahood will lead one astray.

When you can achieve Guru Yoga, you will be Enlightened and can then know how to attain Buddhahood in An Instance!

O! GM also said that True VMs must be Enlightened!

Cheers all

Lama Lotuschef

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