Thursday, November 6, 2014

假的金刚上师 Fake Vajramasters [1]

GM's Speech on 2 November 2014

In the above speech, GM talks about the qualities of a True Vajra-master.

One must be enlightened to be a True VM.

He shared his experiences of Abhiseka with various gurus too.

He said One must have wisdom and auspiciousness, the 2 resources required to be a true master.

He then went on to reveal that a certain female master that is short and ugly is giving Maha Perfection Abhiseka to many fellow students and surprisingly, many believed this Fake!


If you listen carefully and attentively, you might also get the keys or requisite of a True Master from GM's speech.

Still remember the Requisites for a Dakini?

If you do, then you won't be in the list that pays a Fake for Maha Perfection Abhiseka!!!

Likewise, you won't think to serve any VM and give him/her your full loyalty, setting Root Guru aside!

Remember I advised all to be sure to have GM with you at all times and do not leave home without GM with you or atop your crown.
Because everything you do is Cultivation.

Young and Beautiful is a requisite of a Dakini. :)

How can you missed this key from GM!!!

What else is required of Maha Perfection Abhiseka?

I think you should also recall that you need to go through level by level of Abhiseka to finally cultivate to the level that Qualifies you for Maha Perfection Abhiseka.

Like I always said: You need Foundation or Cultivate Fundamentals with success!

Cheers all

Lama Lotuschef

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