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公案作业 Koan Assignment - Comments [3]

GM said that Everything we do is Dharma!

Participating in Cultivation, 
Including All sentient beings in our dedication of merits,
Volunteering in preparation for Homa events, 
Sponsoring supplies for Homa or Charity events,
.....many many other activities in support too; 
One is Cultivating, to make a difference for all beings. :)


Hi fashi
Here my viewpoint

There are many same story happened in any temple, I don't know how their mindset to organize temple become to owned / belong to them J

Helping sentient beings OUTSIDE – helping others are non tbf is good to introduce or gather a good affinity with our guru , but we do helping sentient being are not discrimate (tbf/non tbf, skin color, or even different religious)

Do charity can be many ways like our beloved dharma brother – help to translate fashi article into bahasa Indonesia as long as do it happily, not harms other people & hoping for return 1000x

XX is for charity and GM promised to let her(is it zz) be incharge, even GM promised that position, we better are not tied down with that position , I read XX was handed to WW.

ZZ was found many ways to propagate dharma events not in charge at XX. J


Yes! As GM said: Unity is present when building temple. Once temple is built, Disharmony and dispute results. Everyone starts to show "fangs"!
All want to call the shots and be boss!

All the non-virtues surfaced!

However, in this case, GM decided to appoint WW to take charge of XX sector!
A True Cultivator and disciple of GM, Should defer to GM's decision and continue to support this charity sector irregardless of Personal aspiration!

Once again. do remember that in Tantrayana, One's Root Guru reigns supreme and has the first and final say in any matters!

Therefore, those students with like mindset as ZZ, should really repent and change for the better.

Pure Karma has a virtual temple!

Of course, even with a virtual temple, there are disharmony that arises from differences in opinion which mostly result from Thinking only for self benefit!

Its Human to err.
Thus, as GM said, a Cultivator must not be like most and commit Human errors which are anathema to Buddha's teaching. :)

PK: Hahaha! I posted AA's comments
setting up new charity arm is actually running away before One settles an issue or completes an assignment! :)

A true cultivator should not run away before applying the 4 noble truths.

BB: nice reviews
i will translate the two replies as well

PK: Hahaha! Each of us need to practice expressing our knowledge of buddha dharma learnt.

BB: yes hor

Dear all, Assignments are there to Help you give what you have learnt, a channel to express.

In expressing your views, you are actually starting on a Mind Training course, termed Lojong, on the Bodhi Path to Enlightenment and Ultimate Nirvana.


If you stay passive all the time, you will never know what is Application of Buddha Dharma at Ease and at Will, situationally to benefit all beings!

Cheers all

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