Thursday, May 19, 2016

不幸的[大家]!Unfortunate [Everybody]!

原来都是鬼! Actually, All Are Ghosts!
..... 看不過眼 on 十月 7, 2012 at 2:15 am said:

True Buddha Dharmapala courtyard's Old Madam is no other than Lianchu/Lotuschef herself.

她駡蓮火上師用符搞邪法,駡蓮寧上師,也公然 跟他對上,全世界都知道。
She scolded VM Lian Huo for using talisman to create evil practice, scold VM Lian ning, and publicly opposed him, the whole world also know.
She said VM Lian lai no good, also opposed him, Lian lai have publicly talked about her?
Shi-cheng LZS give her less money, she felt disrespect for her, also scold people.人家有講什麼嗎?People got say anything?
爆料說蓮寧買凶殺師尊的也是她。Expose info that Lian ning hired assassins to murder GM, also her doing.
Now feel guilty, attempt to blacken yew chung to bleach white self in defense.
What kind of person she is, all don't know?

[疯狂智慧 - 师尊讲的?师尊定下的?
釋蓮吟 您是一位出家比丘尼..如果您還不知道自己到底犯了甚麼錯.犯了甚麼戒.嚴重到要撤銷您法師資格.您是不是該親自去問師尊..
而不是不斷的不斷的在網路上毀謗宗委會假冒师尊的意旨. 發表對宗委會不利的言論.
These type of articles can easily let other fellow students develop evil view regarding TBS.

破壞僧團和諧. damage Sangha assembly's harmony.

问: 你是否这个[看不過眼]所称的[大家]?
Question: Are you one of [Can't stand to see]'s  [Everybody] ?
或者是[釋蓮吟]所讲的 [很容易就讓其他同門對宗委會產生邪見。]的一份子?
OR, a part of [釋蓮吟]'s [can easily let other fellow students develop evil view regarding TBS.]?

Anyway. these are common in most mortals, fear of cold and being isolated, so MUST always drag others along or attempt to Speak for all, totally disregarding that THESE [Everybody] they used are not in agreement with them at all!

AND, this is also total disrespect for each individual to have a mind of their own and also to have their own right to choose whether they should give over control of their own destiny to anyone!!!


This reverend's words are very very similar to what Admin wrote in letters to Lotuschef too!!!

So he is a part of Admin's [Everybody]!  :)

These all in the same kind of trend, to incite hatred they feel themselves and attempt to influence others!

That means if you are the "Unfortunate [Everybody]" they mentioned and able to drag behind their battle lines, YOU will definitely have a One way super duper express ticket to Vajra Hell! 

Hehe! Hilarious!

Remember: Buddha teaches a very important key - Control one's own life & death.

Hang on to your own destiny and hold tight!

Am I very evil in Telling you the Truth as it is?

Open your eyes and look clearly!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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