Wednesday, May 11, 2016

不劳而获 Gains Without Toil

A Root Guru exhausted and tearfully recounting his pains, during the 7 May 2016 event in Caotun Temple!

Dear all,
Isn't it fine time to ask yourself "What can I do for my Root Guru?" instead of "What I want Root Guru to do for me?"
The Human's or Mortal's selfish mindset of [Gains without toil] is in abundant presence at every event that GM Lu conducted.

When will students realised that like cutting down trees without replanting, there will not be any more trees to cut!

Now, Can GM Lu gets at least 3 months of peace and quiet and absolute rest and nutritious food to get fit again?

GM Lu already said that Nothing Matters!
[ 要对治烦恼,事实上用空性是最好的。
To deal with Suffering, in actual fact of using "Void Nature" is the best.

Because suffering also not important, who owe who also not important.

who hate who also not important.

who love who also not important.

money also not important.
status & fame also not important.
...... when you are extremely dehydrated, you will discover that everything also not important.

I always said this statement: All is the best arrangement.

This round of bitter water from illness will bear steadfastly in mind.

There is no important matter in this world.

The Most important is how are you going to reach Pureland.

The time that I can propagate dharma is limited, of course, bodily health will slowly recover, but also not forever. ]

Dear all,
THINK Deeply!

Can GM Lu recover faster if he is truly given the time and necessaries to make a full and speedy recovery?

Do you all think that without GM Lu at the HELM, the succession and administration will be EFFECTIVE in replacing all that GM Lu can do and stands for?

In world terms, can anyone truly and fully understand his predecessor and can ensure that everything runs smoothly and effectively?


THINK: Has anyone truly and fully attains Full Enlightenment and Affirmed Buddhahood as well?

The chosen successor is being fed enlightenment "answers" by GM Lu, and his deputy has yet to be even fed the same!

How far are these two from Buddhahood?

寒心! Heart Chilling!

AND, we all should have figured out that Enlightenment is not in a pronouncement or being fed answers to it!

The Cultivator him/herself has to "develop" this realisation on his/her own, and affirm Buddhahood through the use of their realisation for the Benefit of all beings!

AND most important - To throw away the Self and Void Self!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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