Monday, May 23, 2016

最终口诀 ?The Final Key? [2]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Kunci Terakhir? [2]

最终口诀 -不离不弃!
The Final Key - Won't ever leave or desert!

The student below, met him once several years ago at Pure Karma's first event in Jakarta.

Why didn't extend helping hand to him then?

Affinity has not mature!

Recently, GM Lu gave instruction, then begin to teach him how to help himself.


他又寄来近照,请我看看, 帮帮忙。
He sent a recent photo, asking me to look and help.

His problem, the final or ultimate solution is to [Negotiate] with his Karmic creditors!

Therefore, without sitting in front of him, really no solution!

你如果听了你的心魔的话, 认为[根本传承上师]离弃了你,你错了!
If you listened to your heart demon, and think that [Root Guru] will leave and desert or abandon you, then you are wrong!

As long as time is ripe or affinity is ripe or mature, your [Root Guru] will come and tuck you up or save you!

Remember: Do not walk far!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef


[--- Black  Magic
Dear fashi,
Hope you are well. I want to ask something for my problem, related to black magic when my part of spirit is gone..
I just wondering if there is any improvement to my spirit? Are my spirit already back?
I just afraid and worry about this matter, because it already so long since i hit by black magic.
Please your advice, i will keep doing the homa and daily homework from GM Lu because i feeling fresh and good doing all that.
Thank you fashi. ---]


my dear,
u are doing the lotus offering for karmic n ancestors already
n the sponsorship of event too!

Don't worry.
Black magic can't grab you if you stay positive n don't hand over control of yourself
I will be in Jkt this October, try and come attend event & i will take a good look at you.
and try to wear clothes of brighter colors too!

Before you put on clothes after a bath or going to work, place your right hand, clenched into fist on top of the clothes, and your left palm open to support the clothes, then visualise you are doing Armour protection.
Bring White light down on your clothes chanting Om Buru lan che li x7. 

you can also chant guru's mantra or vajrasattva short mantra.

when you put on clothes after this armouring, you are protected.

if you continue to chant guru's mantra as u travel out of your home, you will also set up a white light space within the external protection or shield of your clothes.
If you are effective, the protection area can expand with white light in and out of the shield too!
The blue light surrounding the white light is your shield form by Dharmapalas.
Never let the demon put fear into you that you are not ok.

When I told you, means GM signals its time to help you liao.
Trust GM please.
hahaha! I need to see you for at least 30secs to tell you about the lost part of your spirit!
photos only reveal a certain limit.

Cheers ---]


[--- Dear fashi,
Thank you for your suggestion about armour protection method. I feel it is very good to share to other students.
I will try to come attend at October event, hopefully I am not outside Jakarta for business trips at that date.
Can you just take a quick look about my recent photos?
just a suggestion please, about what to do, is there is any additional needs to my daily homework or something?
Thank you. ---]


[--- Hi dear, I really can't see your eyes properly.
I asked u to get perfume, thats also for shielding or protection.
Its not doing more or less, BUT Effective or not.
From this photo, you look very clueless! :)
Relax n always bring GM into mind!
If something big going to happen to you, GM would have inform me or go save you himself!
TRUST, 100%, dear

cheers ---]


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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