Tuesday, May 10, 2016

GM Lu's Best Arrangement 鲁师尊的最好安排!

Time:1:40 of video
(Everything is Impermanent.)


(This can be considered as the Best Arrangement.)


(At age 72, Yao Pond's Golden Mother, Amitabha Buddha, Ksitigarbha Boddhisattva, arranged this bout of demon illness, let me feel that everything is not important, even if you recovered, your recuperation as some said, might take a month to 3 months, then the antibiotics in your body system can gradually clear away.)

Then GM Lu announced the succession and the various positions to be taken up by Shi-mu and some VMs!

This is an interesting part for a Zen session! 


Lets have FUN!

L: after 2days of GM's speech, have u realised anything?

A: That despite eventually we don't gain anything, we still need to develop bodhicitta to succour others
And so many dharmas returns to the emptiness of the great perfection

L: OK. what about the appointment for the succession & other posts?

A: That the buddha grants what one desires, but
Responsibilities and karma belong to the grantee him/herself
Mundane appointments and posts are but transient matters, they stop functioning after their demise

L: ya. but look from the mortal's angle n then compare with the divine or enlightened

A: From the mortal's angle it is a successful endeavour, to be appointed at a certain high post will enable them to have control over people
But it's very easy for one to get swayed by the power from the post
Very much the same with the post in the political arena
Where one can steer the mass to do one's bidding

L: from the point of a true yogi or divine?

A: They are all different when compared with the divine order, the latter brings the mandate of succouring sentient beings by realising the impermanence

L: draw from the points that I shared with reference to Diamond sutra

A: Worldly post doesn't last
And in actuality, there is no post to be filled
Human beings create their own posts and levels and get entrapped in their creations
Whereas in the diamond cutter, they are all nullified
No beings, no post to fight on

L: So, what did shi-mu received?
and what did VM Ln & LY rec'd in the succession announcement?

A: shi-mu still gets a job and holds some part of the power in TBS, LN and LY get the post they have been craving so far. Looked from the worldly point of view.

L: now think: On the surface, Shimu was given charge of all VMs to maintain "Law & order" in TBS!

A: She knows that after GM retires and the post is taken by LN, all other VMs who don't side with LN will setup their own areas

L: still keeping the Diamond sutra in mind hor!

A: And that is out of law and out of order, in terms of worldly order
However, spiritual cultivators cultivate with the guidance from the root guru

L: this is a mind training lesson, so crack your skull! :)

A: And they don't get bothered by the this kind organisational stuff

The true purpose of TBS in this world is to facilitate the dharma propagation through a single foundation, but if they don't live up to the original purpose, what is there to bother about

Still refer back to the guidance from the root guru in the cultivation, as no one can cultivate for us

So there is no real value of their posts and appointments if they don't have the capacity to succour

L: hey dear, now u can kiasu n keeping talking, like brain storming!

A: As you said yesterday, their reigning needs our acknowledgement
:)    palms together icon

L: ah! u almost there!
So GM Lu handed over all VMs to Shi-mu's jurisdiction?
and Successor & deputy got control of what In TBS?

A: Yes, if only the VMs acknowledge shi-mu's authority!
Successor and deputy practically control the administration of TBS only

L: so those that acknowledged Shi-mu's authority, what kind of cultivators are they?
hehe! this is real fun, right?

A: Those who don't get the idea what GM is telling them, the root guru reigns supreme and the only one to be relied on
They need to really observe shi-mu quality before acknowledging her blindly
Why give control of oneself over to others
If in actuality only oneself can succour the self

L: hahaha! there is actually no difference whether who gets what position n title to a True Yogi!

A: Yes

L: I am a good example of a Lawless n crazy yogi!

A:  :)

L: or a Law unto my own!
the truth is, The root Guru & self is all that is required!

A: palms together icon

L: and the ultimate is No guru n No self, as one with the universe!

A: Yes, true!

L: hehe! you came true through this brain bombardment well!!!

A: The drops of water in the ocean can't be distinguished

Icons - palms together & bow 


GM Lu's Best Arrangement?

To Each His Own!

And, You and only You, have control over your own destiny!

As GM Lu said: To do or not to do, all up to you!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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