Thursday, May 5, 2016

春蝉到死丝方尽!At Death, Spring's Silkworm Spins No More Silk!

Fifth instar silkworm larvae

Paired male (above), female (below)

无题 - No Title

作者:【李商隐】 年代:【唐】
Author: Li Shang Ying  Period: Tang Dynasty

体裁:【七律】 类别:【闺情】[妇女思所爱之情]
Layout: Seven characters  Classification: Female's Thoughts on Love/Affection

Meeting and Parting is difficult, 
Strengthless East wind results in spoilage of many flowers.

At Death, Spring's Silkworm Spins No More Silk, 
tears drying when the candle turns to ashes.


The above is a poem extolling the emotion of a female thinking of her mate or lover.


What has expressions of love from a woman to do with Dharma?


Similar to my advising all to [Talk to Guru]!

For example:
When you are about to eat, you invite your Root Guru to partake first or with you.

When you are out strolling, you can look at mother nature and "bring" your Root Guru along, sharing the sights & sounds!

All these are offering too!

BUT, what does doing these to do with Cultivation?

Well, YOU are gathering Data of your surroundings, recording and analysing for future use!

The poem, is the observations of One's surroundings and the phenomenon occurring in poet's presence and "Stored" in memory bank awaiting reference or use.

The poet shared the observation of a part of silkworm's life!
And likened it to the tears drying when the candle turns to ashes.

Now this tears drying when candle turns to ashes, can mean crying in the night in longing till dawn, agree? :)

OR, tears dried leaving traces of dried patches on one's face, just like candle turned into ashes!

Translate this poem for fun, if you have the time!

Reading, really helps you "travel" the world and add to your "data bank" to draw upon when needed!

Mother Nature is a great topic to study and will really enhance your life!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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