Sunday, May 29, 2016

GM Lu is Well & Commenced Sharing Lamdre 道果 today! YAY!

GM Lu said that Maha Perfection engulfs everything!

??? Hehe!
This leads to Lamdre to help you!


Lamdré is a meditative system in Tibetan Buddhism rooted in the view that the result of its practice is contained within the path. 
The name "lamdré" means the “path" (Wylie: lam) with its fruit Wylie:‘bras).

lamdré as Practice

The lamdré system is rooted in a very specific view, that the path and its result are contained within each other. 
All beings have an inherently enlightened nature; however, due to afflictive obscurations, they are prevented from recognizing this nature. The path to Buddhahood, then, aims at removing these obscurations and experiencing the liberated existence of nirvāṇa.

Jetsün Dragpa Gyaltsen summarized the path into five stages: 
1. initiation 
2. the creation stage 
3. the completion stage 
4. training 
5. concluding practice with tantric seals

The view that saṃsāra (cyclical existence) and nirvana (liberation from suffering) are indivisible illuminates the Lamdré teachings. 

To enter the path, a student must be consecrated (Skt. abhiṣeka) by an authentic mentor (Skt. [guru]], Tibetan lama), who instructs the student on how to recognize his or her own buddha-nature

Initiation into the system of practice is crucial because it shows the Lamdré practitioner the result of the path, the wisdom of a buddha.

After being consecrated, the student then engages in the practices of the path. The path includes specific meditations and yogic exercises that aim to remove the adventitious obscurations that are the cause suffering. 

As with most Anuttarayoga Tantra systems, the Lamdré practitioner will engage in two stages of meditation
the creation stage (Wylie: bskyed rim), where the meditator attempts to embody the awake nature of a buddha, 
and the completion stage (Wylie: rdzogs rim), which includes yogic meditations on various parts of the tantric anatomy. 
These practices directly purify obscurations.

In the lamdré tradition, the instructions for mediation are passed orally from mentor to student. 

As with all tantric Buddhist lineages, in the lamdré tradition, maintaining the secrecy of the teachings is extremely important. 
This is a reason why the consecration and initiation of the student into the tradition is strongly emphasized. 
Although eventually teachers like Sachen Künga Nyingpo wrote down oral instructions, originally, the important texts were memorized by the students. 
This tradition continues to the present day, where some oral teachings remain unwritten, known only by lamdré lineage holders.


Dear all, any of you realised that Lamdre 道果 , is yet another approach or alternative Route to Nirvana for those with affinity to these method?

As GM Lu progresses with the sharing of Lamdre, hope you don't find that you lack Fundamentals to comprehend and walk in step with GM Lu!

I am real happy that GM Lu is well!

:) :) :)  Yay! Yay! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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