Friday, May 20, 2016

拈花微笑 Pick-up Flower & Smile



Once, Great King Brahma requested Sakyamuni Buddha to expound dharma at Griddhakuta hill.
Great King Brahma led all and presented an Udumbara flower to Buddha, pay respectful homage in great ceremonial style and then moved back and sat to one side.

Buddha picked up an Udumbara flower, his countenance is peaceful and at ease, but didn't utter a word.

Everybody do not know HIS meaning, they looked at each other without a clue, except Maha Kassapa's face broke out in a light laugh or smile.

Buddha then announced:

I have shine widely throughout the universe, including numerous profound Buddha Dharma, put-out and eliminate life and death, surpass transmigration kind of intricate and amazing core dharma.

With my discerning wisdom, transmit from heart to heart, using special transmission other than standard teaching, now transmit to Maha Kassapa.

Then handed over a gold-threaded kasaya and alms bowl that he normally use to Kassapa.

This is Zen school "Pick-up flower and one smile" and Kasaya & bowl true transmission incident.

Chinese Zen schools placed Maha Kassapa in list as "First generation Patriarch of the West heaven" .


Shown above: Drawing presented to Lotuschef by Lotus YC in 2010.

 <<*.*>> - This passage details what Buddha transmitted to Maha Kassapa without spoken words and Maha Kassapa, the recipient, smiled and emit dharma joy! :)

The Special Transmission from One's Guru is between Guru & Intended Student only!
Transmission from Heart to Heart!
In Tantrayana, your Root Guru's "talking to your heart" is all you ever need! :)

I have shared in this blog on many occasion, methods to "talk to Root Guru/GM".

Too bad if you ignored my sharings all this while! 


Instead of the alleged damages to your yet to be grown wisdom life, Lotuschef actually gave you lots of opportunities and keys to grow your wisdom life!!!


All 3 pencil-drawings are from Lotus YC, who was bullied and chased away by our Big Brothers & Sisters, after more than 10 years of dedicated work in translation and etc.

If you are one of the battle-axes, real shame on you!

A Buddha's student, a true and sincere one, do not use aggression or mob-strength to the detriment of any being!

AND, real bad for you too, if you belong to this ignorant mob!
Because You Distanced your own Root Guru and Buddha & the Whole Universe from yourself!

Its sad too, that YC chose to turn away!

Now, you might start to have foolish thought and push me into the Anti-TBS arena! 

Mark my words: Stay in the Middle Path and walk hand in hand, in step with Root Guru and Buddha & the universe!

Don't allow anyone to dislodge you! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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