Monday, May 16, 2016

原来都是鬼! Actually, All Are Ghosts!

Above: 吃糖水!Having desserts! :)


If I am not wrong, this [tbsbs] means tbs bull-shit! 

However, a swift glance through the contents results in the same "ghosts" found in the 'ilovegm' forum!

That is - many anonymous seems to use these forums for "Personal Vendetta"!


  看不過眼 on 十月 7, 2012 at 2:15 am said:

真 佛護法園的老娘不就是蓮厨自己。她駡蓮火上師用符搞邪法,駡蓮寧上師,也公然 跟他對上,全世界都知道。她說蓮萊上師的不好,跟蓮萊對上,蓮萊有公開講她嗎?獅城雷藏寺少給她錢,她覺得不尊重自己,也駡人。人家有講什麼嗎?爆料說蓮 寧買凶殺師尊的也是她。現在心虛,想藉抹黒堯中來漂白自保。她是怎樣的人,大家不知道嗎?


These people seems to sprout whatever is in their minds, without an ounce of wisdom of discernment!


Lotuschef had already showed that she is not the [真 佛護法園的老娘不就是蓮厨自己] the alleged "Old madam" !

AND, also shared that the 'ilovegm' forum is most probably manned by TBS' admin!

Think what the Mob's boss wants you to think! 
And act upon the Mob's boss' orders!
Thats You!
Hahaha! Hilarious!

And this was proven right as TBS' admin not only openly support the forum but even brought GM Lu to affirm its 'authenticity'!

GM Lu also called for all to support by writing to this forum!

NOW, Lotuschef had proven that the matter regarding 'lotus yewchung's wife' is a wrongful accusation from ignorants that do not know YC & his wife at all!

YC's wife had already quit her job long before these slander mongers started the 'ilovegm' forum!

ASK: did anyone of you had dinner with YC and his wife and truly know them well?

ASK: If you are against TBS, then why attack lotuschef and alleged that she scold VM Lian huo, Lian ning and Lian Lai?

Contradictory, aren't you all?

The flavour these statements give off is similar to the creation of anonymous and "tok-chef" in Facebook to reprimand and criticise Lotuschef!

ASK: So which side are you on?


Talked about [慧命]-Wisdom life too!

Sad to tell you that all of you don't show any!

Wisdom life exist if only you have relevant Buddha's wisdom to support or maintain the continued existence of One's own dharmkaya or dharma-body!

When you have cultivated to affirm your Dharmakaya, that means you already possessed all 5 Buddha's wisdom!

AND, you won't be wasting your time sprouting untruths and also taking alternating sides without being conscious of your own actions!

Let me share with you all the 36 pairs of Opposites shared by 6th Zen Patriarch, Hui-neng!

That is, I compassionately advise you to [Stay in the Middle Path]!

Lying is a trait or characteristics of Ghosts!
Greed is that of Animals!

Don't deliver yourself blindly into the 3 lower realms!

Wake Up Now!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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