Monday, May 16, 2016

Pointing Out - Answers? 直指-答案?

Chinese version: 

GM Lu said: Answer to Enlightenment is I gave to him!
Someone wrote into Facebook: Lotuschef, Enlightenment answer is XX told you one!
Is this so?

GM Lu said: Do you all understand what I said? Don't understand also no problem.
During a chat with Gm Lu, I said: What I said, seems most don't understand.

GM Lu smiling said: That's nothing. I expounded for 40 years, and they still don't understand!

Dear readers; fellow students; buddhist friends; actually, what is the [Answer] you seek?
Or, What is the [Answer] you want?

Pointing Out?
Means giving you the Truth as It is!

Mortals or commoners only like to hear [Answer] that they consider as Right!
That is pleasing to hear ones!
OR, those that they can [Digest] !

There is not Absolute in the world!

In different level of Wisdom, [Answer] differs!
In fact, [Answer] varies or differs as per individual's comprehensive ability.

Someone keeps on chasing GM Lu to give her Enlightenment answer after hearing GM Lu said that he gave to XX!

Have you noticed that GM Lu will point to certain contents in my posted articles or their keys, during his next speech following the publishing or posting of said articles?

GM & Me, we are actually separated by a great span of [Time space]!


So, I [fabricated] my sharings?

Actually, [Answer] is just in your own heart!

[明心]- Comprehend Heart - then you automatically or naturally will have [Answer]!

Don't waste you existing or remaining and short lifespan, acting or carrying out frivolous matters or creating deeds that harm self as well as others!

Humble suggestion: Diligently listen to GM Lu's teachings, key pointers are those that you need to [Transform] into [Answers]!

Therefore, do you still need to bother me with [Wenshi]?

Also, the Key to opening Heavenly eye is with you too!
Do you still need to pay money to anyone to [Help] you open Heavenly eye?

3 Thousands - Wenshi, 5 thousands - open heavenly eye?

Please channel your money to charity!
Charity or Dana is Bodhi!
Bodhi = Unparalleled Wisdom!

Comprehend? (English)
Capito? (Italian)
Comprenez? (French)

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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