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諸行無常 All Endeavours Are Non-constant

 Above: Look at GM Lu closely, he seems to have aged?

4/30/2106, 4:35 PM
Watching Live cast of event in Caotun Temple.
L: GM is touched n tearing

A: yes hor

L: ya lol. the closeup is obvious that he is real touched
at the end, he sniff to draw back the tears

A: the translator was also crying
GM's voice was clear that he's tearing too

L : the video shown just now, claimed that students understand GM's teachings n tell him not to worry about them :)

A: oh

L: a great speech written by someone that is NOT ENLIGHTENED!

A: yes

L: GM said just now that he can truly feel the pains of illnesses
O! He has to go back to hospital after the event

A: yes

L: lets us see how many can understand Formlessness n still go attend event when GM not going to give moding

A: oh wow so they're after moding all these time?

L: yup! Today no book signing, no hada offering, no wenshi, ....
he comes from hospital n going back after dinner
doctor said will recover

A: yes

L: poison hasn't enter into the bones (the infection didn't affect bone marrow)

Apr 30, 4:55 PM
our #2 really can just sit & stare lol. 
GM not well also host event! 
never give him a chance to conduct the session!

A: :)
also means that he isn't capable enough to conduct the puja
GM won't let him cheat people

L: ya lol! BUT sad that so many VMs n non can act as temp!
GM needs to sit n visualize!
its good to show all that GM can do the formless way too! ☺
AND no one can replace him
more than 5 millions disciples? 

A: :)

L : end before 6PM!!!! [ A very very rare occurrence!]

A: yes
really they have been wearing out GM
until GM gets really sick like this that they changed the programme

L: gave them no choice but to cancel the $$ making programs
like I wrote the other day, bringing all to "lion's playground" during the event is already a great blessing lol

A: yes

L: wherever gm is n he invoke the universal beings, then its pureland liao la

A: Icon - palms together 🙏

L: did u see #2's face just now? :)
A: what is it?
have closed the window
Apr 30, 6:11 PM

L: hehe! the camera swept him during the event! 
u go watch the video again when the link is out!
tell me what u see! then I will teach u

A: Icon - palms together 🙏

Dear all, during the above event yesterday, the emcee kept stressing that GM Lu will do this and that [With Visualization]! :)

However, GM Lu still has to go and do purification of the Homa pit and invocation of the Fire Deity, Physically!


To appease the Mortals' needs for FORM!

During some of Pure Karma's event, I taught fellow students how to do the Purification of Homa Pit physically and also with visualisation! :)

AND, I did it at the same time, sitting down, with mudra and visualisation too! 
Mine is just a back-up, in case the one doing the purification can't and didn't visualise well enough yet! 

I remember that I sat and cultivate a session on my own while some fellow student is leading or conducting a session at local chapter.
I am physically there, BUT as GM Lu said yesterday, He is elsewhere!

The short clip in dedication to GM Lu's good health shown yesterday?
The statements are mostly LIES!

Thats why its written by someone that is not enlightened!

Read it again, or translate it for yourself!

Dear all, 
Making false statements and making insincere vows to a Buddha?

You breached one of the 5 big precept, the Precept of Lying!

Watch your Body Speech & Mind carefully and you might really lighten GM Lu's load in becoming a diligent yogi that can do your share of dharma propagation to succour sentient beings or all in need! 

If you attend GM Lu's event for a Selfish Self Enhancing Motive, Now is time that You begin to think the Boddhicitta Way! 

Being in the presence of a Buddha, even watching the video, YOU are transported to the "Lions's Playground" or Pureland, TO Mingle and Play with the Lions! 

Cheers all

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