Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pointing Out - Answers? 直指-答案?[A]

  • 慧命- 你自杀了!Wisdom Life - You Committed Suicide!

  • 原来都是鬼! Actually, All Are Ghosts!
  • Extract: 
  • ..... 看不過眼 on 十月 7, 2012 at 2:15 am said:

    True Buddha Dharmapala courtyard's Old Madam is no other than Lianchu/Lotuschef herself.

    她駡蓮火上師用符搞邪法,駡蓮寧上師,也公然 跟他對上,全世界都知道。
    She scolded VM Lian Huo for using talisman to create evil practice, scold VM Lian ning, and publicly opposed him, the whole world also know.

  • 她說蓮萊上師的不好,跟蓮萊對上,蓮萊有公開講她嗎?
    She said VM Lian lai no good, also opposed him, Lian lai have publicly talked about her?

    Shi-cheng LZS give her less money, she felt disrespect for her, also scold people.人家有講什麼嗎?People got say anything?
    爆料說蓮寧買凶殺師尊的也是她。Expose info that Lian ning hired assassins to murder GM, also her doing.
    Now feel guilty, attempt to blacken yew chung to bleach white self in defense.
    What kind of person she is, all don't know?


First of all, these people are scandal or slanders mongers, without an ounce of Truth in them.
They mostly do the bidding of those they adulate and treat as their masters!

From the above outpouring of this [看不過眼] - means Can't stand to see; this person is someone that I have helped financially when in need of funds to pay deposit for a HDB flat!
And then gave excuses when she has to repay the loan from me.
She said that she paid for trip to attend GM's event and she didn't even pay her monthly instalment for her flat.
The Loan repayment to me is of little or no import!

Would GM Lu sanctions someone that default on paying for her living needs and obligations to others, and prioritised attending his event? :)

BUT, the info given by her is all twisted and ugly!

Remember Always: Your Body Speech Mind will Betray you, always too!


A kindness extended but being abused!

The Answer?

Always from your Heart!


The Truth about Lian huo? In his eyes!
The Truth about Lian Ning? In his body and verbal languages!
The Truth about Lian Lai? In his body speech mind!

Do you need to know the Truths about anyone else but Your own self?
If you do, go pay for Wenshi from GM Lu, if he is willing to tell you!

A friendly caution: Do not make any feeble attempts to play with Lions, else you might come to fatal end.
As GM Lu said: When rabbit mimicked lion's leap across cliff, the rabbit fell and ending fatally!

I am pointing out the Truth, in order to wake you up and save you from landing in the 3 Lower realms!

Take charge of your own destiny now!

With Metta.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef 

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