Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Asking for Permission to Use Picture [1]

The 100-Syllable Dharani Wheel

Hello Fashi,
I'm trying to make a blog sharing True Buddha Tantric practice too.
It is not commercial hehe
I think the 100 syllable mantra wheel is very beautiful, and made by Pure Karma team. 
So I want to use the picture.


my dear,
heard of this one?

[things that glitters are not gold, how often have you heard that told?]

Beware when you are attracted by what you called "beautiful" things!
AND these are often causative factors of "non-virtues" if one is not careful!

It is good to share dharma BUT, you are solely responsible for all consequences of these sharing!
That is you MUST only share Authentic Buddha Dharma and NO falsehood or hearsay only!

Its a great responsibility to share dharma, although applaudable idea!

Your sharing might influence others in many ways, whether good or bad!

Why don't you give yourself more time to really study and understand what GM Lu has shared so far?



Dear all,
understand what I am trying to tell this fellow student?

I have always advised all to [DIY]!
In Tantrayana cultivation, One has to first follow Root Guru's teachings then with these as guidelines or rulers, walk a straight path towards Nirvana!

As we walk along this Bodhi Path, we uses Fundamentals taught & understood to Execute at will and at ease! 

Therefore, we must always bear in Mind, Impermanence!

So, we face each situation with Open and Fresh Mind, Happily and not be locked or fixated on anything, be they ugly or beautiful!

Now, go read over 6th Zen Patriarch Hui-neng's 36 pairs of opposite!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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