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[25-06-2012] Lotuschef in Conversation – Transformation 变化/转化

by LOTUSCHEF on JUNE 25, 2012

Hahaha! Lets have fun again!

I have the stage now but all of you can take turn to come forward to share your take.

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变化/转化 in Chinese, the first one is bian hua; the next is zhuan hua.

bian is like using some magical skills to transform something into another of choice.

zhuan is to rotate or manoeuvre existing material and replacing or substituting other existing material of choice.

I studied these words when I wrote lyrics to a song as a gift to Guru.


铭记佛理,用其 转化 传奇,方可实践度众诺言。

Of course, the above all my take. Readers, may choose to differ.

Back to transformation.

Similarly transformation can be “bian” as in Sentient context and “zhuan” as in Universal context.

I taught Lotus Nino to transform the bitter gourd juice that he abhors into Icy Cool Milo and also teleport himself to a paradise of his choice! 

This is “bian”! These are also what Guru termed or classified as “methods of convenience” for use in the sentient realm.

“zhuan” works on a large scale like the High King Avalokitesvara sutra visualization I shared  and others. We draw upon the Universal Divinities to help us.

The visualization I shared last year for Great Calamity Mantra 大救难咒.

We move Universal energy around to where it is needed most! Sounds easy and simple? 

The Key is – Have you yoga with Root Guru?

Have I yoga with Root Guru? I really have no idea lol!

Things that sounded simple like Anasvara Dharma for Longevity, is not that simple when you want to cultivate it!

Because like the above, moving Universal Energy to the Disaster area depends on whether you can Yoga or have Yoga with your own Root Guru or not.



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