Saturday, April 11, 2015

勉强与做假 Forced & Falsehood

GM Lu stressed many times that we do force others to do anything and also no falsehood!

Look carefully at GM Lu's photos above, you will pick up what is being Genuine & Natural! :)

These sadly are Important Keys to successful cultivation that YOU have to learn and practice!


Another important key is "Do it yourself"!

Most people that Failed to get answers from me, resorted to seeking them from other channels!

These are the ones that flooded events of various VMs in their local chapters OR
flooded GM Lu's events with ulterior motives!

Recap: GM Lu said that if you said that HE has expound Buddha Dharma, you are slandering HIM!
HE said that HE has not written any books too! 



The Key here is Natural or Merging into Nature or the Universal Void!

Can You?

GM Lu: When you are alone on the moon, there is no need for Buddha Dharma!
[Look from yet another angle?]


You rushed to events
to GET Abhiseka;
to GET blessings for various PURPOSES;
to GET Bardo Deliverance for family;
to GET ......

What have you MISSED out?

Cultivation means YOU Take Control of your own Destiny! :)

When YOU think that You are not effective, You showed or negated GM Lu's teachings!

To GET ...... from others or external sources, means YOU CAN"T or Don't Have!

YOU & Only YOU Want or Need .......

YOU have already ISOLATED Self, in this instances, Buddha Dharma is also rendered Redundant BY YOU!


YOU THINK that You Need or Want "SOMETHING" and forced chains of actions to fulfil all these WANTS & NEEDS!
You created Karmic negatives irregardless of others or Buddha's sharings!

You are no longer on the Bodhi Path at all or never step on this Path at all!

I would like to gift you these:

YOUR very own SINCERE EFFORTS, IS all you ever need!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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