Thursday, April 9, 2015

师父的真传-料事如神 Guru's True Transmission - Divine Prediction

Above: The table with lots of spirits "trapped" within.

Below: "Looking" or "scanning" this student's aura.

Below: Helping attendee do offering, with my right hand first on his left shoulder and then raised up to draw "Light" into him. Cleansing & Blessing him  :)


Above: A divine presence at our event in Semarang, Indonesia.

Below: Lots of Light Orbs during Offering!

Dear all, from the above photos, whether touching the attendee or not, One can mobilise Qi Energy to do offering, and also give blessing or do cleansing!

AND, during the mobilisation of Qi Energy, One can also "scan" a subject swiftly by the projection of Light energy onto the subject as well. :)

For example: 

Case 1: attendee doing offering on behalf of her father who is unable to attend personally.
She was asked to keep calling the absentee's name while doing offering.

My right hand on her left shoulder, I had a vision of someone that is sickly and weak.
When I shared this vision with this attendee, her sibling waiting in line to do offering behind her and those present were shocked!
Accurate? Yes!

Case 2: Attendee doing offering personally with my help. His "scan" read illness! He is breathless. Then I told him he has to go for a medical check up and pointed to the area above his heart.

The medical examination revealed that he has partially blocked blood vessels to and from his heart.
All those present were given the same "scanning" and most of them have health issues. :)

Accurate? Yes!


O! Projection of Light Energy onto a Subject; Lighting up the Subject; One can "scan" or "read" the subject!

GM Lu shared this method in his Rainbow Body Attainment Book 3 - The Appearance of Light!

The criteria in being able to project Light is diligence in Cultivation especially Meditation, whereby One gets "purer" with each practice done Successfully!

There are also instances whereby a brief glance at someone, "produces" a vision of this someone's "Fate"!

Therefore, once you can project light, you can "scan"; "read"; "cleanse"; bless or heal anyone! :)


Everything is possible IF only you were diligent in cultivation with GM Lu's guidance!!!

Wake up and start NOW!

O! Don't be jealous!

I have yet to perfect Light Projection for Divine Prediction!!! :)

Yes! Still cultivating with GM Lu's guidance!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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