Thursday, April 2, 2015

超度有效?Bardo Deliverance Effective?

Dear all,
After the rituals done for Bardo Delivery for a newly departed, how do you know whether what the practitioners promised you are effective?


I am talking about most practitioners that charge you for this and that, but they failed to deliver as promised!

With Qing Ming Festival approaching, many rushed to buy lots of stuff to offer to their ancestors or late someone.

The thing is that you can burn lots of incense and etc. BUT the intended recipients failed to get what you offered!

Actually there are these scenarios:-
  • the method of offering or dedication to the deceased is questionable;
  • the deceased spent too freely and resources ran out fast;
  • the offering or dedication was forcefully taken away by bullies of the underworld;
  • or the practitioner or master lacks relevant "power" or "knowhow" to make sure the deceased get the necessary for survival.

Well, all these can happen before or after the 49 days of Bardo existence.

How to know there is a problem and the deceased is suffering?

When the deceased return to ask for supplies in your dream.
Or when things just don't go smoothly and worse scenario, everything went wrong.

Your health and wealth are badly affected and going downhill rapidly after the funeral and never recover.

Remember that GM Lu said when your ancestors are well taken care of, then you should be well too!

In a chat with GM Lu early this morning, effectiveness of Bardo Deliverance and Ancestor offering were the topics.
Also visions of certain deceased individuals that needed help, which will surfaced after the 49 days of Bardo Existence.

That mean, I will be busy with Bardo Deliverances pretty soon.

These are for those that didn't send off their newly departed ones effectively!

So when these newly departed ones from your family return to seek help, you will know that what you did for them at wakes are not effective.
Or when your life is going downhill or messed up, these newly departed ones need Help quick.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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