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毁谤知多少 How much do you know about Slander?

Lotuschef at Play - Do you know the Truth? Buddha is male or female?
[As one cultivate, one already drop the differentiation of Gender far behind as one can Transform at Will.
Hahaha! Believe it or not, truly up to you.
One’s body truly undergoes physical as well as spiritual changes along the path of cultivation.]

[ST: Dharma is sth tat can be right base on wat u say or still wrong base on what u say.

2-8-2011 The Dance Of The Golden Snakes

"All the natures of the dharma are empty and silent.
No dharma can manifest at an improper time.
Pushing something to happen at the wrong time will do no good; therefore, my prayers now will not help."

I continued, "The knot must be untied by those who tied it.
You must not worry yourself.
Take things easy and let nature take its own course."

Lotuschef at Play - Yoga & Samaya

If Anu Yoga is obscene and dirty then, you do not understand and also has yet to Yoga in
Preliminaries and Guru Yoga.

A gentle reminder, we are all light forms and when you realized that, there are no gender too.

Equality – Lion and Dog
However they differ in many aspects:

Looks; Size; Color; Coats; Temperament; Habitats; but most important is their Karmic Influences!!!

Therefore even in Unborn state or Death, they can’t be Truly Equal!

Just like human beings, we all have different Karmic Levels and when can we all be EQUAL?

I think the answer should be when we attain Buddhahood or attain Dharmakaya, which is Formless, agree? :)

The Form we take on during birth into the Sentient Realm or any Realm with Form is Solely Dependent on our individual Karmic levels.

Thus we are male; female; human or animals; rich or poor; pretty or ugly; etc….

This is Differentiation that are determined by each individual’s karmic levels.

诽谤 Slander?
In GM's speech today, 5-7-2014, in Seattle temple, Slander was mentioned.

To GM, slander like other form of abuses from others towards him, all ignored and GM is never bothered about them! :)

The Main point is that these Slanders are False & with Malicious Intent with motive to the detriment of GM.

The Target is not what these Slanderers really know though!
Their slanders all not successful and Detrimented themselves only!

Don't be too hasty & act in haste!

Do you really know the Truth?

Slander is from Falsehood, which is Lies fabricated by you or someone that you believe in, and you join in the frays to spread Falsehood!


我们都得承受[因缘果报], 您认同吗?


Lotuschef in Telling the Truth as It Is – Collecti...

Think: why did Central endorsed this [ilovegm] forum officially?
In the eyes of the Law this is this called vested interest.
[ilovegm] is the front for someone in Central, agree?

<<** It is now known as a FACT that TBS' admin, including Shi-mu & especially her aide, VM Hui Jun, are manning this website! 

Hahaha! This is application of Buddha Dharma & philosophy of Wisdom of Discernment! 
For those that don't believe me then, isn't it high time you Wake Up? >>

Lotuschef at Play - Penalty for not listening to Guru

GM said: sometimes, even if you personally see or hear, also not necessary to be the Truth!

请问:佛是男是女? [Question: Is Buddha Male or Female?]
哈哈哈!毁谤乱搞男女关系?[hahaha! Slander of inappropriate behaviour between male & female?]
成立吗?Can be Established?


无论是所谓正或邪, 都得注意因果。


我的意识是: 不要认为在赌场出现就是赌鬼!

如果笔者代表尧中的话,应该谢谢我, 不是臭骂我! 哈哈哈!



Dear all, if you are truly diligent and attentive to GM Lu's teachings and his statements of "Not Bothered by Slander, scolding, violence, .....; You have learnt "Wisdom of Discernment"!

For those that follow others' lead blindly, best wake up now!

What is Slander?

A Derivative of Dualism, agree?  :)

Even Agree & Disagree, also Dualism! 


Question: Why do you need to slander someone?

Answer: To detriment someone in favor or enhance Self!

As per Zen Patriarch Hui Neng: All thoughts are Evil!

Likewise, all actions generated by Thoughts!


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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